Technical Sketches

Interaction and Virtual Reality

Friday, 17 December | 4:15 PM - 6:00 PM | Room 308A

Presented in English / 영어로 발표 됨

Session Chair

Sang Il Park

Sub-100 Grams Ungrounded Haptic Device for 14-g Impact Simulation

An untethered, push-pull, spring-less, solenoid-based handheld device that simulates 14g impacts in mid-air, for simulating ball-racket collisions in a tennis simulator.

Wee Teck Fong
Institute for Infocomm Research

Jingting Cher
Institute for Infocomm Research

Farzam Farbiz
Institute for Infocomm Research

Zhiyong Huang
Institute for Infocomm Research

OtoMushi: Touching Sound

OtoMushi displays sound samples as insects, allowing for quick exploration, mixing, and playback of a collection of sounds. Scratching the insects creates a similar effect on the sounds.

Alexis Andre
Sony Computer Science Laboratories

Enhanced Interactive Gaming by Blending Full-Body Tracking and Gesture Recognition

A framework that enhances motion-capture tracking data by seamlessly blending it with predefined animations in real time. The process is triggered by a unique gesture-recognition system.

Amit Bleiweiss
Omek Interactive

Dagan Eshar
Omek Interactive

Gershom Kutliroff
Omek Interactive

Alon Lerner
Omek Interactive

Yinon Oshrat
Omek Interactive

Yaron Yanai
Omek Interactive

PETICA: An Interactive Painting Tool With 3D Geometrical Brushes

Interactive painting software, PETICA, that enables users to freely design 3D shapes and attributes to create digital painting brushes and paint pictures with these brushes.

Kazuki Kumagai
Tokyo Denki University

Tokiichiro Takahashi
Tokyo Denki University