Technical Sketches

Physics and Natural Phenomena

Friday, 17 December | 2:15 PM - 4:00 PM | Room 308A

Presented in English / 영어로 발표 됨

Session Chair

Marie-Paule Cani

Electrostatic Dynamics Interaction for Cloth

By simulating a new external force, this method implements electrostatic adherence behaviors between textile and objects. With Coulomb's law, draping and balloon floating influenced by electrostatic field are realistically illustrated.

Di Cao
The Ohio State University

Richard Parent
The Ohio State University

High-Frequency-Aware PIC/FLIP in Liquid Animation

A simple extension to PIC/FLIP (Particle-in-Cell/Fluid-Implicit-Particle) for animating liquid with enhanced behaviors such as pushing or eddying.

Ando Ryoichi
Kyushu University

Reiji Tsuruno
Kyushu University

A Real-Time Computer Model for Wind-Driven Fallen Snow

A new modeling method for the appearance of accumulated snow formed by snow-drift near obstacles in real time.

Tomoaki Moriya
Tokyo Denki University

Tokiichiro Takahashi
Tokyo Denki University

Elastic Rod Simulation by Chain-Shape Matching with Twisting Effect

A simple deformation model for handling the dynamics of bending, stretching, and twisting of elastic rods. Also: segment-based collision handling for complex collisions of the elastic rods.

Witawat Rungjiratananon
The University of Tokyo

Yoshihiro Kanamori
University of Tsukuba

Tomoyuki Nishita
The University of Tokyo