Computer Animation Festival Panels & Talks

"The Clone Wars": Setting the Bar for TV Animation

Thursday, 16 December | 5:00 PM - 5:45 PM

Presented in Korean, translated simultaneously to English / 한국어로 발표 됨 (영어 동시 통역)

Jass Mun
Lucasfilm Animation Singapore

Translating George Lucas’ vision to the small screen is an incredible task. To say there is no other TV animation like it is an understatement. Every episode is a cinematic work of art. Currently in its third season, "The Clone Wars" has redefined the quality, complexity, and expectations for TV animation. In this session, Jass Mun, Senior FX Artist for Lucasfilm Animation Singapore, talks about the production pipeline and how the production teams, from layout to final compositing, work together to deliver these high-quality episodes on deadline. The talk emphasizes production of effects for the episodes.