Carto Project

Summary of August 3, 2005 - Carto BOF Meeting at SIGGRAPH 2005

Theresa-Marie Rhyne

ACM SIGGRAPH Carto Project Director

On Wednesday of SIGGRAPH 2005, the ACM SIGGRAPH Carto Project held a Birds-of-a-Feather session to report on 2005 activities and to demonstrate future projects underway. As the Carto Project is a collaborative effort with the International Cartographic Association (ICA)'s Commission on Visualization and Virtual Environments and the X3D GeoSpatial Working Group of the Web3D Consortium, reports on these were also provided.

Theresa-Marie Rhyne, ACM SIGGRAPH Carto Project Director, highlighted efforts of the ACM SIGGRAPH Carto Project. A new development for 2006 will be the theme focus on "Exploring GeoVisualization" that will part of the May/June 2006 issue of IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications magazine. Theresa-Marie and Alan MacEachren are co-guest editing this theme focus.

Theresa-Marie also highlighted activities of the International Cartographic Association (ICA)'s Commission on Visualization and Virtual Environments. Alan MacEachren has stepped down as chair of the commission with Menno-Jan Kraak assuming the chair responsibilities. For more information see: ( In 2005, the members of the commission published a book on Exploring GeoVisualization with Jason Dykes, Alan M. MacEachren and Menno-Jan Kraak serving as editors. In April 2005, the commission developed a special issue on Geovisualization and GIScience in the Journal of Cartography and Geographic Information Science, Menno-Jan Kraak and Alan M. MacEachren serving as guest co-editors.

Next, Mike McCann, Chair of the Web 3D Consortium's X3D GeoSpatial WorkGroup, highlighted the activities of the workgroup in 2005. He noted that a major activity of the workgroup is the successful conversion of GeoVRML code into X3D. For more information on X3D Geospatial, see: (

Alan Hudson the provided a discussion on the progress associated with Xj3D's GeoSpatial support. This included a review of various code updates and revisions. For more information, see: (http://

Chris Thorne presented his cross platform Web 3D options for geovisualization that were later highlighted in SIGGRAPH 2005 Web3D graphics program session held the following day (Thursday, August 4th, 2005). For more information, see: (

Michael Jones of Google Earth concluded the Carto BOF session with a demonstration and update on the Google Earth application since Google acquired the original provider of this application, (Keyhole Inc.). Real time demonstrations were shown of the earth stream technology that consists of client software (what is used to view the Earth), integration software (what is used to build the Earth), and server software (what is used to stream out the Earth). For more information, see (

After this well attended session, it was agreed to meet again at SIGGRAPH 2006.