Carto Project

Summary of August 15, 2001 - Carto BOF Meeting at SIGGRAPH 2001

Theresa-Marie Rhyne

ACM SIGGRAPH Carto Project Director

On Wednesday of SIGGRAPH 2001, the ACM SIGGRAPH Carto Project held a Birds of a Feather session to report on 2001 activities and future projects for 2002. Since the Carto Project is a collaborative effort between both the International Cartographic Association (ICA)'s Commission on Visualization and Virtual Environments and the GeoVRML Working Group of the Web3D Consortium, updates on these efforts were also provided.

Theresa-Marie Rhyne, ACM SIGGRAPH Carto Project Director, highlighted efforts of the ACM SIGGRAPH Carto Project along with the recent work of the ICA's Commission on Visualization & Virutal Environments. In January 2001, the Journal of the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping produced a special issue on research challenges in geovisualization. This special issue was outgrowth to the ICA's efforts to develop a research agenda on geovisualization and was guest edited by Alan MacEachren (Chair) and Menno-Jan Kraak (Co-Chair) of the ICA Commission on Visualization & Virtual Environments. More information on this special issue is available at the Commission's web site: (

Martin Reddy, Co-Chair of the GeoVRML Working Group of the Web3D Consortium, provided an update on GeoVRML activities. Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) is currently providing support for GeoVRML in their ArcView and other products. SRI International has produced an OpenGIS Consoritum Web Mapping Server (WMS) that can output GeoVRML content. Also, the GeoVRML nodes are currently being added as optional components to Amendment 1 of the VRML97 ISO specification. For more information GeoVRML, see: (

Next, Don Brutzman, of the Web3D Consortium, demonstrated GeoVRML working in X3D. X3D is the next generation VRML specification and is based on the Extensible Markup Language (XML). Information on the latest technologies, source code, and software tools is available in the Web3D Consortium's Software Development Kit (Web3D SDK). More information on the Web3D SDK is available at: (

Mike McCann, of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), discussed the process of converting 3D Dive replays to GeoVRML. More information on the MBARI project is available at: (

David Colleen, of Planet 9 Studios, highlighted techniques for constructing virtual cities using tools like 3D Studio Max and Computer Game engines. All 44 of their virtual city products will be released in GeoVRML format in Q4 2001. More information on Planet 9 Studios is available at: (

It was agreed to meet again at SIGGRAPH 2002.