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ACM SIGGRAPH's 1997-1998 Project Grant Awards
(Formerly known as Special Projects)
1. Archive of the 1986 SIGGRAPH Art Show Video Retrospective,

Paul Allen Newell, $2000, approved 7/30/97.

This project funds the historical preservation of the 1986 SIGGRAPH Art Show video presentation by making a safety copy of the original six hour video presentation. The purposes are to archive it to a digital media and to determine the extent of any tape damage.

2. Global Illumination Bibliography,

Ian Ashdown, $1,500, approved 7/30/97.

This project provides support for two years for a comprehensive bibliography on global illumination techniques which is maintained as a public service for the computer graphics community. This bibliography is provided online and mirrored at several sites worldwide, including siggraph.org.

3. Electronic Immersions,

Jane Stevens, $5,000, approved 8/22/97.

This project supported an exhibit documenting four generations of Illinois artists, in conjunction with the ISEA conference at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The Electronic Immersions exhibit was held at the ARC Gallery and the Illinois Art Gallery September 2 - October 24, 1997. The Special Projects grant supported the printing of the exhibition catalog. The Electronic Immersions Web site is at http://www.evl.uic.edu/ElectronicImmersions/.

4. Paradigms of Artistic Virtual Environments (PAVE) ,

Dena Eber, $5,336, approved 5/8/98.

"Paradigms of Artistic Virtual Environments (PAVE): a model for creating, understanding and evaluating the emerging aesthetics," will create a collaborative academic environment for artists and computer scientists to design, construct, and evaluate immersive, real time, interactive, and adaptive 3D art installations. Eber, Assistant Professor of Computer Art, and Guy Zimmerman, Associate Professor of Computer Science, will conduct a joint seminar to create virtual environment works of art and to explore collaboration methods and procedures for construction of artistic virtual environments. This project is jointly awarded by SIGGRAPH Special Projects Committee and SIGGRAPH Education Committee.

Nan Schaller, Chair, Project Grants Committee

Last updated: May 7, 2001

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