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Disc 2 - Sketches
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Disc 1

  Award Winners
  Ronald Fedkiw, Stanford Computer Science Department
  Jos Stam, Alias Systems
  Tomoyuki Nishita, University of Tokyo
  Appearance & Illumination
  A Frequency Analysis of Light Transport
  Nicolas Holzschuch, Artis/Gravir-Imag Inria
  Fast and Detailed Approximate Global Illumination by Irradiance Decomposition
  Okan Arikan, University of California, Berkeley
  Lightcuts: A Scalable Approach to Illumination
  Bruce Walter, PCG - Cornell University
  Visual Simulation of Weathering by gamma-ton Tracing
  Baining Guo, Microsoft Research Asia
  Tien-Tsin Wong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  Yaiyan Chen, Microsoft Research Asia
  Capturing Reality I
  Dual Photography
  Pradeep Sen, Stanford University
  Fourier Slice Photography
  Ren Ng, Stanford University
  High-Performance Imaging Using Large Camera Arrays
  Bennett Wilburn, Stanford University
  Performance Relighting and Reflectance Transformation With Time-Multiplexed Illumination
  Andreas Wenger, USC Institute for Creative Technologies
  Capturing Reality II
  Acquisition of Time-Varying Participating Media
  Tim Hawkins, University of Southern California, Institute for Creative Technologies
  Effects and Defects in Flash Photography
  Amit Agrawal, University of Maryland
  Modeling Hair From Multiple Views
  Eyal Ofek, Microsoft
  Wei Yichen, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  Panoramic Video Textures
  Aseem Agarwala, University of Washington, Dept of CSE
  Ke Colin Zheng, Univ. Washington
  Deformable Models
  Animating Sand as a Fluid
  Yongning Zhu, UBC
  Coupling Water and Smoke to Thin Deformable and Rigid Shells
  Eran Guendelman, Stanford University
  Interactive Collision Detection Between Deformable Models Using Chromatic Decomposition
  Naga Govindaraju, University of North Carolina
  Real-Time Subspace Integration for St. Venant-Kirchhoff Deformable Models
  Jernej Barbic, Carnegie Mellon University
  Dynamics of Solids
  Adaptive Dynamics of Articulated Bodies
  Stephane Redon, INRIA
  Fast Frictional Dynamics for Rigid Bodies
  Dinesh Pai, Rutgers University
  Meshless Animation of Fracturing Solids
  Mark Pauly, Stanford University
  Richard Keiser, ETH Zurich
  Bart Adams, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
  Fast-Forward Papers Preview
  Fast-Forward Papers Preview
  Fluid Simulation
  Animating Gases With Hybrid Meshes
  Bryan Feldman, University of California, Berkeley
  Discontinuous Fluids
  Jeong-Mo Hong, Korea University
  Water Drops on Surfaces
  Huamin Wang, Georgia Insitute of Technology
  Geometry on GPUs
  Blister: GPU-Based Rendering of Boolean Combinations of Free-Form Triangulated Shapes
  John Hable, Georgia Insitute of Technology
  Jarek Rossignac, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA
  GPU-Based Trimming and Tessellation of NURBS and T-Spline Surfaces
  Michael Guthe, Universitaet Bonn, Institute of Computer Science II
  Real-Time GPU Subdivision Kernel
  LeJeng Shiue, University of Florida
  Resolution-Independent Curve Rendering Using Programmable Graphics Hardware
  Charles Loop, Microsoft Research
  Hardware Rendering
  A Relational Debugging Engine for the Graphics Pipeline
  Krzysztof Niski, Johns Hopkins University
  Nathaniel Duca, Johns Hopkins University
  RPU: A Programmable Ray Processing Unit for Realtime Ray Tracing
  Sven Woop, Saarland University
  Philipp Slusallek, Saarland University
  User-Configurable Automatic Shader Simplification
  Fabio Pellacini, Cornell University
  Illustration and Image-Based Modeling
  Line Drawings From Volume Data
  Michael Burns, Princeton University
  Motion Magnification
  Ce Liu, CS AIL MIT
  MoXi: Real-Time Ink Dispersion in Absorbent Paper
  Nelson Chu, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  Out-of-Core Tensor Approximation of Multi-Dimensional Matrices of Visual Data
  Yizhou Yu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  Hong Cheng Wang, UIUC
  Image Processing
  Animating Pictures With Stochastic Motion Textures
  Daniel Goldman, University of Washington
  Ke Colin Zheng, Univ. Washington
  Compressing and Companding High-Dynamic-Range Images With Multiscale Wavelet Architectures
  Yuanzhen Li, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Low Dynamic Range Video Enhancement Using Virtual Exposures
  Eric Bennett, UNC-Chapel Hill
  Large Models & Large Displays
  Cache-Oblivious Mesh Layouts
  Sung-Eui Yoon, University of North Carolina - Chape Hill
  Far Voxels: A Multiresolution Framework for Interactive Rendering of Huge Complex 3D Models on Commodity Graphics Platforms
  Enrico Gobbetti, CRS4 -- Visual Computing Group
  GoLD: Interactive Display of Huge Colored and Textured Models
  Louis Borgeat, National Research Council of Canada
  The Varrier Autostereoscopic Virtual Reality Display
  Tom Peterka, Electronic Visualization Laboratory
  Daniel Sandin, University of Illinois at Chicago
  Mesh Manipulation
  Intuitive Manipulation of Unstructured Meshes
  Robert Sumner, MIT CSAIL
  Linear Rotation-Invariant Coordinates for Meshes
  Yaron Lipman, Tel-Aviv University
  Meshless Deformations Based on Shape Matching
  Matthias Muller, NovodeX/AGEIA
  Bruno Heidelberger, NovodeX / AGEIA & ETH Zurich
  Meshes I
  Fast Exact and Approximate Geodesics on Meshes
  Tatiana Surazhsky, University of Oslo, CMA
  Mean Value Coordinates for Closed Triangular Meshes
  Scott Schaefer, Rice University
  Precise and Efficient Surface Reconstruction from Normals and Positions
  Diego Nehab, Princeton
  Robust Moving Least-Squares Fitting With Sharp Features
  Shachar Fleishman, University of Utah
  Meshes II
  Geometry-Guided Progressive Lossless 3D Mesh Coding With Octree (OT) Decomposition
  Jingliang Peng, University of Southern California
  Shell Maps
  Serban Porumbescu, University of California, Davis (IDAV)
  Brian Budge, UC Davis
  Surface Compression with Geometric Bandelets
  Gabriel Peyre, CMAP, Ecole Polytechnique
  Variational Tetrahedral Meshing
  Pierre Alliez, INRIA
  Motion Capture Data: Interaction and Selection
  Action Synopsis: Pose Selection and Illustration
  Jackie Assa, Tel Aviv University
  Dynamic Response for Motion Capture Animation
  Victor Zordan, UC Riverside
  Efficient Content-Based Retrieval of Motion Capture Data
  Meinard Muller, University of Bonn, Dept. of Comp. Sc. III
  Performance Animation From Low-Dimensional Control Signals
  Jinxiang Chai, The Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
  A Photon Accurate Model of the Human Eye
  Michael Deering, 
  Color2Gray: Salience-Preserving Color Removal
  Amy Gooch, Northwestern University
  Evaluation of Tone Mapping Operators Using a High-Dynamic-Range Display
  Patrick Ledda, University of Bristol
  Mesh Saliency
  Chang Ha Lee, University of Maryland
  Floral Diagrams and Inflorescences: Interactive Flower Modeling Using Botanical Structural Constraints
  Takashi Ijiri, The University of Tokyo
  Measuring and Modeling the Appearance of Finished Wood
  Steve Marschner, Cornell University
  Modeling and Visualization of Leaf Venation Patterns
  Brendan Lane, University of Calgary
  Adam Runions, University of Calgary
  Real-Time Rendering of Plant Leaves
  Baining Guo, Microsoft Research Asia
  Lifeng Wang, Microsoft Research Asia
  Precomputed Light Transport
  All-Frequency Interactive Relighting of Translucent Objects With Single and Multiple Scattering
  Rui Wang, University of Virginia
  Local, Deformable Precomputed Radiance Transfer
  Peter-Pike Sloan, Microsoft Corporation
  Precomputed Local Radiance Transfer for Real-Time Lighting Design
  Anders Wang Kristensen, UCSD
  Precomputed Shadow Fields for Dynamic Scenes
  Stephen Lin, Microsoft Research Asia
  Ray Tracing
  Multi-Level Ray Tracing Algorithm
  Alexander Reshetov, Intel Corporation
  Soft Shadow Volumes for Ray Tracing
  Samuli Laine, Helsinki University of Technology
  Ulf Assarsson, Chalmers
  Unbiased Energy Redistribution Path Tracing
  David Cline, Brigham Young University
  Wavelet Importance Sampling: Efficiently Evaluating Products of Complex Functions
  Petrik Clarberg, Lund University
  Shape & Texture
  A Sketch-Based Interface for Detail-Preserving Mesh Editing
  Andrew Nealen, TU Darmstadt
  As-Rigid-As-Possible Shape Manipulation
  Takeo Igarashi, The University of Tokyo
  Tomer Moscovich, Brown University
  TextureMontage: Seamless Texturing of Arbitrary Surfaces From Multiple Images
  Kun Zhou, Microsoft Research Asia
  Yiying Tong, Caltech
  Skin & Faces
  Automatic Determination of Facial Muscle Activations From Sparse Motion Capture Marker Data
  Eftychios Sifakis, Stanford University
  Face Transfer With Multilinear Models
  Daniel Vlasic, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  SCAPE: Shape Completion and Animation of People
  Dragomir Anguelov, Stanford University
  Skinning Mesh Animations
  Doug James, Carnegie Mellon University
  Styles of Human Motion
  A Data-Driven Approach to Quantifying Natural Human Motion
  Liu Ren, Carnegie Mellon University
  Geostatistical Motion Interpolation
  Tomohiko Mukai, Toyohashi University of Technology
  Learning Physics-Based Motion Style With Nonlinear Inverse Optimization
  Karen Liu, University of Washington
  Style Translation for Human Motion
  Eugene Hsu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Texture Synthesis
  Parallel Controllable Texture Synthesis
  Sylvain Lefebvre, Microsoft Research
  Texture Design Using a Simplicial Complex of Morphable Textures
  Matthias Zwicker, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Texture Optimization for Example-Based Synthesis
  Vivek Kwatra, Georgia Institute of Technology
  Wavelet Noise
  Rob Cook, Pixar Animation Studios
  Transparency & Translucency
  A Practical Analytic Single Scattering Model for Real-Time Rendering
  Bo Sun, Columbia University
  An Approximate Image-Space Approach for Interactive Refraction
  Chris Wyman, University of Iowa
  Light Diffusion in Multi-Layered Translucent Materials
  Craig Donner, University of California, San Diego
  Modeling and Rendering of Quasi-Homogeneous Materials
  Stephen Lin, Microsoft Research Asia
  Xin Tong, MSRA
  Video & Image Matting
  Automatic Photo Pop-Up
  Derek Hoiem, Carnegie Mellon University
  Defocus Video Matting
  Morgan McGuire, Brown University
  Interactive Video Cutout
  Pravin Bhat, University of Washington
  Jue Wang, University of Washington
  Video Object Cut and Paste
  Yin Li, MSR Asia
Disc 2

  Animating Humans in a Physical World
  Adaptive Dynamics of Articulated Bodies: Key Implementation Issues
  Stephane Redon, INRIA
  Fast Physically Based Musculoskeletal Simulation
  Dinesh Pai, Rutgers University
  Qi Wei, Rutgers University
  Shinjiro Sueda, Rutgers University
  Fast Volume Preservation for Realistic Muscle Deformation
  Min Hong, University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center
  Sunhwa Jung, University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center
  Interactive and Reactive Dynamic Control
  Ari Shapiro, University of California
  Artistic Depiction
  Dynamic Planar Map Illustration
  Paul Asente, Adobe Systems Incorporated
  Inferring 3D Free-Form Shapes From Contour Drawings
  Olga Karpenko, Brown University
  Sketch-Based Modeling of Parameterized Objects
  Chen Yang, The University of British Columbia
  Sketch-Based Modeling With the BlobTree
  Ryan Schmidt, University of Calgary
  Augmented and Virtual Reality
  A Car-Navigation System Based on Augmented Reality
  Hiroaki Sawano, Waseda University
  Enabling View-Dependent Stereoscopic Projection in Real Environments
  Oliver Bimber, Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany
  Enhanced Eyes for Better Gaze Awareness in Mixed Reality
  Keisuke Tateno, University of Tsukuba
  Immersive Virtual Studio
  Hideki Mitsumine, NHK Science & Technical Research Laboratories
  Autonomous Characters
  Animating Autonomous Pedestrians
  Wei Shao, New York University
  Composite Behavior Synthesis Technique for Mental Communication Games
  Atsushi Nakano, University of Tsukuba
  Learning to Move Autonomously in a Hostile World
  Leslie Ikemoto, University of California, Berkeley
  Motion Patches: Building Blocks for Virtual Environments Annotated With Motion Data
  Kang Hoon Lee, Seoul National University
  Beautiful Things
  Aggregation: Complexity Out of Simplicity
  Andy Lomas,
  Artworks Using Metaball Representation With Stepwise Approach
  Joe Takayama, Kyushu University
  Breakfast Theater
  A-maize-ing Dynamic Cornfield Toolkit
  Dale Mayeda, Walt Disney Feature Animation
  Ian Coony, Walt Disney Feature Animation
  Descent to the Underworld: A Game-Film
  Nora Barry, Druid Media, Inc.
  Generating Secondary Motions in Shadow Play Animations With Motion-Planning Techniques
  Tsai-Yen Li, National Chengchi University
  Rhythmic Character Animation: Interactive Chinese Lion Dance
  Je-Ren Chen, National Chengchi University
  Capture and Simulation of Cloth
  Cloth Capture
  Ryan White, University of California, Berkeley
  Cloth Simulation on the GPU
  Cyril Zeller, NVIDIA Corporation
  Motion Capture Using Color-Coded Patterns
  Volker Scholz, Max-Planck-Institut fur Informatik
  A New Camera Calibration Method Taking Into Account Blur Effects
  Masashi Baba, Hiroshima City University
  Defocus Difference Matting
  Morgan McGuire, Brown University
  Multi-Perspective Rendering for Autostereoscopic Displays
  Kei Utsugi, Hitachi Ltd.
  Shutter Efficiency and Temporal Sampling
  Ian Stephenson, NCCA Bournemouth University
  Detection and Evaluation of Grasping Positions
  Fumihito Kyota, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  Implementation of Fast Frictional Dynamics for Rigid Bodies
  Danny M. Kaufman, Rutgers University
  Pre-Stabilization for Rigid-Body Articulation With Contact and Collision
  Rachel Weinstein, Stanford University
  Effects Omelette
  Cartoony Fluid Animation
  Peter Demund, Walt Disney Feature Animation
  Visual Simulation of Wispy Smoke
  Christopher Batty, Frantic Films
  Feature Fries
  An Integrated 2D and 3D Production Pipeline for Independent Filmmakers
  Ding Ye, Cinematic Artist
  Fluid Simulation
  A Semi-Lagrangian Contouring Method for Fluid Simulation
  Adam W. Bargteil, University of California, Berkeley
  Fluid Simulation Via Disjoint Translating Grids
  Sanjit Patel, University of Southern California
  Gigantic Deformable Surfaces
  Ben Houston, Frantic Films
  Michael Bang Nielsen, University of Aarhus
  Global Illumination and Occlusion
  Correlated Visibility Sampling for Direct Illumination
  Abhijeet Ghosh, The University of British Columbia
  Importance Sampling for Video Environment Maps
  Vlastimil Havran, Max-Planck-Institut fur Informatik
  Practical Dynamic Parallax Occlusion Mapping
  Natalya Tatarchuk, ATI Research, Inc.
  Precomputed Light Sets for Fast High-Quality Global Illumination
  Johannes Gunther, MPI Informatik
  GPU Modeling
  GPU-Based Trimming and Tessellation of NURBS and T-Spline Surfaces
  Akos Balazs, Universitat Bonn
  Image-Space Construction of Displaced Normal Maps
  Ivan Neulander, Rhythm & Hues Studios
  Real-Time Rendering of Billboard Plants in a Dynamic Lighting Environment
  Oliver Franzke, Technischen Universitat Dresden
  Rendering Detailed Outdoor Ground Surfaces on the GPU
  Orin Tresnjak-Smith, University of Maryland
  GPU Programming
  Building a Graphics Debugger
  Nathaniel Duca, Johns Hopkins University
  Dynamic Adaptive Shadow Maps on Graphics Hardware
  Aaron Lefohn, University of California Davis
  GPU-Accelerated Iterated Function Systems
  Simon G. Green, NVIDIA Corporation
  GPU Rendering Tricks
  Angular Extent Filtering with Edge Fixup for Seamless Cubemap Filtering
  John R. Isidoro, ATI Research Inc.
  Interactive Summed-Area Table Generation for Glossy Environmental Reflections
  Justin Hensley, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  Percentage-Closer Soft Shadows
  Randima Fernando, NVIDIA Corporation
  Radiance Cache Splatting: A GPU-Friendly Global Illumination Algorithm
  Pascal Gautron, IRISA/INRIA and University of Central Florida
  Illumination Capture and Display
  Automatic HDRI Generation of Dynamic Scenes
  Katrien Jacobs, University College London
  High-Fidelity Color Reproduction Based on Multi-Channel BTF/BRDF Acquisition, Rendering, and Display
  Masaru Tsuchida, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
  Light Waving: Estimating Light Positions From Photographs Alone
  Holger Winnemoeller, Northwestern University
  Real Illumination from Virtual Environments
  Abhijeet Ghosh, The University of British Columbia
  Matthew Trentacoste, University of British Columbia
  Image-Based Rendering
  Carved Visual Hulls for High-Accuracy Image-Based Modeling
  Yasutaka Furukawa, Beckman Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  Image-Based Material Editing
  Erum Arif Khan, University of Central Florida
  Image-Based Rendering From a Sparse Set of Images
  Todd Zickler, Harvard University
  Interactive Interaction
  3motion: Untethered 3D Gesture Interaction
  John Payne, Glasgow School of Art
  Creating Face Models From Vague Mental Images
  Irene Albrecht, Max-Planck-Institut fur Informatik
  Inside Interactive Video Cutout
  Jue Wang, University of Washington
  Pravin Bhat, University of Washington
  Interactive Modeling
  Boneless Motion Reconstruction
  Vladislav Kraevoy, The University of British Columbia
  Interaction Capture and Synthesis
  Paul G. Kry, The University of British Columbia
  Knowledge-Based Modeling of Laser-Scanned Trees
  Hui Xu, University of Minnesota
  Nathan Gossett, University of Minnesota
  Surfacing By Numbers
  Steve Zelinka, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  Graphical Digital Storytelling: Visualizing Personal Histories and Relations
  Yuya Nomata, University of Tsukuba
  Interface Currents: Supporting Fluent Face-to-Face Collaboration
  Uta Hinrichs, University of Magdeburg
  Intersection: Computer Graphics for Everyday Living
  Sara Ljungblad, Future Applications Lab, Viktoria Institute
  Multi-Touch Sensing Through Frustrated Total Internal Reflection
  Jefferson Han, New York University, Media Research Lab
  Lighting Models in Rendering
  A Practical Analytic Single Scattering Model for Real-Time Rendering
  Bo Sun, Columbia University
  An Empirical Model for Heterogeneous Translucent Objects
  Christian Fuchs, Max-Planck-Institut fur Informatik
  Rendering Hair-Like Objects with Indirect Illumination
  Cem Yuksel, Texas A&M University
  Making Graphics Real
  Bump Mapping Onto Real Objects
  Naoki Kawai, DaiNippon Printing Co., Ltd.
  Emo System: A Public Message Display to Share Emotional Information
  Atsuro Ueki, Inakage Lab, Keio University
  Real Toys from Virtual Models
  Dan Julius, University of British Columbia
  Mesh Thingies
  Combining Metrics for Mesh Simplification and Parameterization
  Jordan Smith, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
  Predictive Point-Cloud Compression
  Stefan Gumhold , Max-Planck-Institut fur Informatik
  Streaming Compression of Triangle Meshes
  Martin Isenburg, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  Unconstrained Spherical Parameterization
  Ilja Friedel, California Institute of Technology
  Fair Curve Networks in Nonlinear Geometries
  Michael Hofer, University of Minnesota
  Modeling With Implicit Complexes
  Valery Adzhiev , Bournemouth University
  Non-Rigid Global Alignment Using Thin-Plate Splines
  Benedict J. Brown, Princeton University
  Vectorfield Isosurface-Based Reconstruction From Oriented Points
  Peter G. Sibley, Brown University
  A Human Eye Retinal Cone Synthesizer
  Michael Deering, 
  Manipulating Volumetric Abstractions to Match Color Perception Between Dissimilar Gamuts
  Dominic Glynn, C.O.R.E Feature Animation
  Perceptually Based Image Rendering of Art Paintings
  Shoji Tominaga, Osaka Electro-Communication University
  Spatio-Temporal Video Warping
  Shmuel Peleg, The Hebrew University
  Active Space: Embodied Media in Performance
  John Crawford, University of California, Irvine
  Cave Writing: Toward a Platform for Literary Immersive VR
  Sascha Becker, Brown University
  eVokability: The Interactive Costume
  Sarah  Drury, Temple University
  Landing Place: Remapping Motion Capture of Dance Movement to Objects and Environments
  Vita Berezina-Blackburn, Ohio State University
  Brian Windsor, ACCAD/OSU
  Raytracing and PhotoMaps
  Implementing Lightcuts
  Bruce Walter, PCG - Cornell University
  Interactive Ray Tracing of Point-Based Models
  Ingo Wald, Max-Planck-Institute for Computer Science
  Optimized Photon Tracing Using Spherical Harmonic Light Maps
  Otavio Good, Secret Level Inc.
  Ray Tracing Depth Maps Using Precomputed Edge Tables
  Kevin Egan, Rhythm & Hues Studios
  Joint Motion and Reflectance Capture for Relightable 3D Video
  Christian Theobalt, Max-Planck-Institut fur Informatik
  Optimal Illumination for Image and Video Relighting
  Francesc Moreno-Noguer, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
  Jack Tumblin, Computer Science Dept., Northwestern University
  Performance Geometry Capture for Spatially Varying Relighting
  Andrew Jones, University of Southern California, Institute for Creative Technologies
  Tabletop Computed Lighting for Practical Digital Photography
  Ankit Mohan, Northwestern University
  Simulations for Artistic Effect
  MoXi: Real-Time Ink Dispersion in Absorbent Paper
  Nelson Chu, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  Real-Time Simulation of Thin Paint Media
  Tom Van Laerhoven, Limburgs Universitair Centrum, Expertise Centre Digital Media
  Spring-Bead Animation of Viscoelastic Materials
  Nobuhiko Tamura, Chiba University
  Visual Simulation of Melting Ice Considering the Natural Convection
  Masaaki Matsumura, Kyushu University
  Sketch-Based Modeling
  Geometric Clustering for Line Drawing Simplification
  Interactive Design and Visualization of Tensor Fields on Surfaces
  Eugene Zhang, Oregon State University
  Non-Photorealistic Motion Blur for 3D Animation
  Syoichi Obayashi, Saitama University
  Ken-Ichi Iwamoto, Saitama University
  Stylizing 2.5D Video
  Noah Snavely, Univeristy of Washington
  Future Cast System
  Shigeo Morishima, Waseda University
  Hako-ne: An Augmented Musical Dollhouse
  Saaya Itabashi, Inakage Lab, Keio University
  Yoshine Nakayama, Inakage Lab, Keio University
  Kenji Iguchi, Keio University
  Heterogeneous Character Animation: How to Make an Interactive Character Jump Between Stationary and Mobile Graphical Computers
  Bill Tomlinson, University of California, Irvine
  Location-Aware Interactive Applications
  Kirsten Cater, University of Bristol
  Efficient Magnification of Bi-Level Textures
  Jorn Loviscach, Hochschule Bremen
  NRT-Based Texture Replacement in Real Videos
  Wen-Chieh Lin, Carnegie Mellon University
  Real-Time Image-Based Control of Skin Melanin Texture
  Norimichi Tsumura, Chiba University, PRESTO Japan Science and Technology Corporation
  Koichi Takase, Chiba Univ.
  Time-Varying Textures: Definition, Acquisition, and Synthesis
  Sebastian Enrique, Columbia University
  Twisted Perspectives
  "ZECTO" Cinematography for Depth-Based Live-Action Imaging
  Go Fujimoto, Keio University imgl/Inakage Lab, Tokyo Broadcasting System/CG
  Masahiro Kawakita, NHK Science and Technical Research Laboratories / NHK Engineering Service
  Masa Inakage, Keio University imgl / Inakage lab
  Media Mirror
  Jefferson Han, New York University, Media Research Lab
  Multiperspective Collages
  Jon Meyer,
  Twisted City
  Samantha Meisels, Bournemouth University
  Data-Visualization Strategies for Tsunami Research
  Roger Edberg, University of Alaska Fairbanks
  Real-Time Data Fusion and Visualization for the Mars Exploration Rovers
  Justin Wick, Cornell University
  VolumeShop: Interactive Direct Volume Illustration
  Stefan Bruckner, Vienna University of Technology
Disc 3

  Believable Characters: Are AI-Driven Characters Possible, and Where Will They Take Us?
  Stephen Gray, Electronic Arts
  Gregory Garvey, Quinnipiac University
  Andrew Stern, Procedural Arts
  International CG Collaboration: Good, Bad, or Just Impossible?
  Frank Foster, Tigar Hare Studios
  Carlos Arguello, StudioC
  Evan Hirsch, Immaginare
  Jai Natarajan, CG Consultant
  Bill Schultz, Taffy Entertainment/Mike Young Productions
  Rajesh Turakhia, Maya Entertainment Ltd.
  Networked Performance: How Does Art Affect Technology and Vice Versa?
  Michelle Riel, California State University, Monterey Bay
  Helen Thorington,
  Julian Bleecker, University of Southern California
  Susan Kozel, Simon Fraser University
  Martin Rieser, Bath Spa University College
  Andrea Zapp, Manchester Metropolitan University
  The Open-Source Movement and the Graphics Community: How Can Open-Source, Third Party, and Proprietary Software Models Coexist?
  Gil Irizarry, Conoa, Inc.
  Florian Kainz, Industrial Light & Magic
  James Mainard, DreamWorks Animation
  Daniel Maskit, Digital Domain
  Ton Roosendaal, Blender Foundation
  William Schroeder, Kitware, Inc.
  The Ultimate Display: What Will It Be?
  Oliver Bimber, Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany
  Neil Dodgson, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
  Gregg Favalora, Actuality Systems, Inc.
  David Luebke, University of Virginia
  Ramesh Raskar, MERL
  Chris Slinger, QinetiQ
  Ubiquitous Music: How Are Sharing, Copyright, and Really Cool Technology Changing the Roles of the Artist and the Audience?
  Lars Erik Holmquist, Viktoria Institute
  Atau Tanaka, Sony CSL Paris
  Akseli Anttila, Nokia Corporation
  Arianna Bassoli, London School of Economics and Political Sciences
  Gideon D'Arcangelo, New York University
  Lalya Gaye, Viktoria Institute, Future Application Lab
  WWAI: How is the Web Growing? Into a Social Super-Organism or a Mass of Disconnected Information?
  Robert Lisek, Fundamental Research Lab
  Hans Bernhard, UBERMORGEN.COM
  Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Trinity College Dublin
  Martha Carrer Cruz Gabriel, Universidade de São Paulo
  Monika May, DigitalMAY
Special Sessions
  A Star Wars Retrospective From Industrial Light & Magic: Environments, Space Battles, and the Characters Who Fought Them From 1977 to 2005
  Rob Coleman, Industrial Light & Magic
  John Knoll, Industrial Light & Magic
  Dennis Muren, Industrial Light & Magic
  Cyber Fashion Show
  Isa Gordon, Psymbiote
  Thomas Wall, LightView
  Janet Hansen, Enlighted Designs
  Robert Craig McCollough,
  Susan Jones, eMagin Corp.
  Vanessa Bonet, Psycho Girlfriend
  Kasey McMahon, Psycho Girlfriend
  Drew Bird, Cyber Fashion Show
  Leah Thompson, Charmed Technology
  Jim Bunkelman, Galatea Production
  Alyssa Gross, Oakley
  Louis Fleishauer, Cyber Fashion Show
  John Bell, Nicco LLC
  Michael Wilson, Mutech
  Katrin Reifeiss, Fossil
  The Mutaytor, Cyber Fashion Show
  Extreme Fashion: Designers, Artists, and Technologists Present a Glimpse Into the Place Where High Fashion Collides With High Technology
  Elise Co, mintymonkey
  Margaret Orth, International Fashion Machines, Inc.
  Katherine Moriwaki, Trinity College Dublin
  Thad E. Starner, Georgia Institute of Technology
  Jenny Tillotson, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design
  From the Earth to Infinity: Scientists From Caltech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Reveal Secrets of the Universe Through Remarkable Images of Mars, Saturn, Earth, and the Deepest Reaches of Space
  Daniel McCleese, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  Ronald Blom, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  Eric De Jong, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  Torrence Johnson, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  Michael Werner, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Web Programs
  Application Track
  An Ubiquitous Approach to Mobile Applications
  Dennis Crowley,
  Laura Garcia-Barrio, New York University
  e-Stadium: Wireless Football Infotainment Applications
  Ronald J. Glotzbach, Purdue University
  Kanji Block
  Miho Aoki, University of Alaska Fairbanks
  Mobile Content-Delivery Technologies
  Ezra Freedman, Schematic
  Jonathan Barsook, Schematic
  Moovl, Doodles That Move
  Ed Burton, Soda Creative Ltd.
  placeMap: Building Community Through Active Context Mapping
  Rob Gens, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Media Lab
  Matthew Hockenberry, MIT A Networked Context for Learning Computer Programming
  Casey Reas, University of California, Los Angeles Design | Media Arts
  Paradigm Track
  A New Kind of Programmer
  Amit Pitaru, New York University
  Designing an Interactive Experience for Ease of Use
  Howard Tiersky, Capgemini US, LLC
  Experience Design Unplugged
  Peter Morville, Semantic Studios
  Technical Track
  Exploiting an Evolutionary Accident in Web3D Communications to Integrate Application Components
  Chris Thorne, University of Western Australia
  Perceptually Optimized 3D Transmission Over Wireless Networks
  Anup Basu, University of Alberta
  Irene Cheng, University of Alberta
  The Fourth Party in Online Arbitration as a Shared Virtual Workspace
  Dimitrios Protopsaltou, Universite de Geneve, MIRALab
  Web-Based Molecular Visualization Using Procedural Shaders in X3D
  Feng Liu, Georgia State University
Disc 4

  Advanced Topics on Clothing Simulation and Animation
  Hyeong-Seok Ko, Seoul National University
  Kwang-Jin Choi, Seoul National University
  Ronald Fedkiw, Stanford Computer Science Department
  Donglinag Zhang, Digital Fashion Ltd
  Robert Bridson, The University of British Columbia
  An Interactive Introduction to OpenGL Programming
  Dave Shreiner, SGI
  Ed Angel, University of New Mexico
  Vicki Shreiner, SGI
  Anyone Can Make Quality Animated Films! (The Eight Basic Steps to Success)
  Eric Vanhamersveld, Art Institute of California, San Diego
  Debra Miller, Art Institute of California, San Diego
  Bob Hanon, Art Institute of California, San Diego
  Questions and Answers  , -
  Computational Photography
  Ramesh Raskar, MERL
  Jack Tumblin, Computer Science Dept., Northwestern University
  Digital Face Cloning
  Frederic Pighin, University of Southern California
  David Bennett, Sony Pictures ImageWorks
  Paul Debevec, University of Southern California
  Jack Brooks, Walt Disney Company
  Li Zhang, The University of Washington
  Lance Williams, Applied Minds Inc.
  Introduction to Articulated Rigid Body Dynamics
  Vangelis Kokkevis, Sony Computer Entertainment
  Introduction to SIGGRAPH and Computer Graphics
  Mike Bailey, Oregon State University
  Andrew Glassner, Coyote Wind Studios
  Line Drawings from 3D Models
  Szymon Rusinkiewicz, Princeton University
  Doug DeCarlo, Rutgers University
  Adam Finkelstein, Princeton University
  Modern Techniques for Implicit Modeling
  James F. O’Brien, University of California, Berkeley
  Terry Yoo, OHPCC / NLM / NIH
  Marc Alexa, DGM, TU Darmstadt
  Haixia Du, National Library of Medicine, NIH
  John C. Hart, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
  Realistic Materials in Computer Graphics
  Hendrik P. A. Lensch, Stanford University
  Michael Goesele, MPI Informatik
  Tim Hawkins, University of Southern California
  Gero Mueller, University of Bonn
  Steve Marschner, Cornell University
  Questions and Answers  , -
  Recent Advances in Haptic Rendering & Applications
  Ming Lin, University of North Carolina
  Miguel Otaduy, ETH Zurich
  David Johnson, University of Utah
  Bill McNeely, Boeing Research
  Dinesh Pai, Rutgers University
  William V. Baxter, OLM Digital
  Federico Barbagali, Stanford University
  The Web as a Procedural Sketchbook
  Ken Perlin, New York University
Disc 5

  Computer Generated Medical, Technical and Scientific Illustration
  David Ebert, Purdue University
  Mario Costa Sousa, University of Calgary
  Amy Gooch, Northwestern University
  Nikolai Svakhine, Purdue University
  Crowd and Group Animation
  Daniel Thalmann, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)
  Developing Mobile 3D Applications with OpenGL ES and M3G
  Kari Pulli, Nokia
  Tomi Aarnio, Nokia
  Mark Callow, HI Corporation
  Ville Miettinen, Hybrid Graphics
  Jani Vaarala, Nokia
  Discrete Differential Geometry: An Applied Introduction
  Eitan Grinspun, Columbia University
  Mathieu Desbrun, Caltech
  Peter Schroder, Caltech
  High Dynamic Range Imaging and Image-Based Lighting
  Paul Debevec, University of Southern California
  Erik Reinhard, University of Central Florida
  Greg Ward, AnyHere Software
  Hot topics in 3D medical visualization
  Luis Ibanez, KITWARE Inc.
  Layered Manufacturing as a Graphics Display Device
  Mike Bailey, Oregon State University
  Richard Crawford, University of Texas at Austin
  Manifolds and modeling
  Cindy Grimm, Washington Univ. in St. Louis
  Denis Zorin, New York University
  Performance OpenGL - Platform Independent Techniques
  Dave Shreiner, SGI
  Bob Kuehne, Blue Newt Software
  Tom True, NVIDIA
  Alan Commike, SGI
  Questions and Answers  , -
  Precomputed Radiance Transfer: Theory and Practice
  Jan Kautz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Peter-Pike Sloan, Microsoft Corporation
  Jaakko Lehtinen, Helsinki University of Technology and Remedy Entertainment Ltd.
  Quantum Rendering: An Introduction to Quantum Computing, Quantum Algorithms and their Applications to Computer Graphics
  Marco Lanzagorta, NCI / US Naval Research Laboratory
  Jeffrey K. Uhlmann, University of Missouri – Columbia
  Resumes and Demo Reels: If Yours Aren't Working, Neither are You!
  Pamela Thompson, Ideas to Go
  Spatial Augmented Reality: Merging Real and Virtual Worlds
  Oliver Bimber, Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany
  Ramesh Raskar, MERL
  The M.U.P.P.E.T.S. System: A Case Study in Open-Source Computer Graphics
  Andrew Phelps, Rochester Institute of Technology
  Christopher Egert, Rochester Institute of Technology
  Kevin Bierre, Rochester Institute of Technology
  Video-based Rendering
  Marc Pollefeys, University of North Carolina
  German Cheung, Neven Vision Inc. (formerly Carnegie Mellon University CMU)
  Christian Theobalt, Max-Planck-Institut fur Informatik
  Questions and Answers  , -
  Visualizing Quaternions
  Andrew Hanson, Indiana University
Disc 6

  GPGPU: General-Purpose Computation on Graphics Hardware
  Mark Harris, NVIDIA Corporation
  David Luebke, University of Virginia
  Ian Buck, Stanford University
  Naga Govindaraju, University of North Carolina
  Jens Kruger, TU-Munich Computer Graphics & Visualization group
  Aaron Lefohn, University of California Davis
  Tim Purcell, NVIDIA Corporation
  Cliff Woolley, University of Virginia
  Questions and Answers  , -
  Introduction to Realtime Ray Tracing
  Peter Shirley, University of Utah
  Philipp Slusallek, Saarland University
  Bill Mark, University of Texas, Austin
  Gordon Stoll, Intel
  Ingo Wald, Max-Planck-Institute for Computer Science
  Tim Foley, Stanford University
  Real-Time Shading and GPU Rendering
  Marc Olano, UMBC
  Avi Bleiweiss, ATI Research
  Larry Gritz, NVIDIA Corp
  John C. Hart, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
  Mark Kilgard, NVIDIA Corp
  Michael McCool, University of Waterloo
  Pedro Sander, ATI Research
  Questions and Answers  , -
  Three-dimensional displays and computer graphics
  Michael Halle, Harvard Medical School
  Joshua Napoli, Actuality Systems
Disc 7

Keynote DVD-Video
  George Lucas: A Keynote Q&A With the Father of Digital Cinema
  George Lucas, Lucasfilm Ltd.