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  When Blobjects Rule the Earth
Bruce Sterling, Science-fiction Author
  Judith Brown, The University of Iowa (Ret.)
Steve Cunninghamn, California State University/National Science Foundation
Hugues Hoppe, Microsoft Research
Zoran Popovic, The University of Washington
Curves & Surfaces
Energy-Minimizing Splines in Manifolds
Michael Hofer, Institute of Geometry, Vienna University of Technology
Defining Point-Set Surface
Yong Joo Kil, University of California, Davis
T-spline Simplification and Local Refinement
David Cardon, Brigham Young University
A Simple Manifold-Based Construction of Surfaces of Arbitrary Smoothness
Lexing Ying, New York University
Graphics is Fun
Perceptual Audio Rendering of Complex Virtual Environments
Nicolas Tsingos, REVES-INRIA
Band Moiré Images
Roger D. Hersch, EPFL
Graphics Gems Revisited: Fast and Physically Based Rendering of Gemstones
Making Papercraft Toys from Meshes using Strip-based Approximate Unfolding
Jun Mitani, The University of Tokyo
3D Texture
Stereological Techniques for Solid Textures
Robert Jagnow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Shell Texture Functions
Baining Guo, Microsoft Research Asia
Xin Tong, MSRA
Volumetric Illustration: Designing 3D Models with Internal Textures
Shigeru Owada, University of Tokyo
Multilinear Image-Based Rendering
M. Alex O. Vasilescu, University of Toronto
Interacting With Images
Interactive Digital Photomontage
Aseem Agarwala, University of Washington
Mira Dontcheva, University of Washington
GrabCut - Interactive Foreground Extraction using Iterated GraphCut
Carsten Rother, Microsoft Research Cambridge Ltd
Poisson Matting
Harry Shum, Microsoft Research Asia
Jian Sun, Microsoft Research Ltd
Lazy Snapping
Yin Li, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Harry Shum, Microsoft Research Asia
Photo & Video Texture
Feature Matching and Deformation for Texture Synthesis
Qing Wu
Flow-Based Video Synthesis and Editing
Kiran Bhat, Graduate Student
Textureshop: Texture Synthesis as a Photograph Editing Tool
Hui Fang, University of Illinois at Urbana-champaign
Near-Regular Texture Analysis and Manipulation
Yanxi Liu, Carnegie Mellon University
Dynamics & Modeling
A Virtual Node Algorithm for Changing Mesh Topology During Simulation
Zhaosheng Bao, Standford University
Rigid Fluid: Animating the Interplay Between Rigid Bodies and Fluid
Mark Carlson, Georgia Tech
BD-Tree: Output-Sensitive Collision Detection for Reduced Deformable Models
Doug James, Sony Online Entertainment
Deformation Transfer for Triangle Meshes
Robert Sumner, MIT CSAIL
Identifying & Sketching the Future
VisualIDs: Inventing Distinctive Visual Identifiers for Data
JP Lewis, USC
MathPad^2:A System for the Creation and Exploration of Mathematical Sketches
Joseph LaViola, Brown University
RFIG Lamps: Interacting With a Self-Describing World via Photosensing Wireless Tags and Projectors
Ramesh Raskar, MERL
Motion Doodles: An Interface for Sketching Character Motion
David Burke, The University of British Columbia
Matthew Thorne, University of British Columbia
Smoke, Water, & Goop
Target-Driven Smoke Animation
Raanan Fattal, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Simulating Water and Smoke with an Octree Data Structure
Frank Losasso, Stanford University
Fluid Control Using the Adjoint Method
Antoine McNamara, University of Washington
Adrien Treuille, University of Washington
A Method for Animating Viscoelastic Fluids
Adam Bargteil
Tolga  Goktekin, U.C. Berkeley
Lighting & Sampling
Triple Product Wavelet Integrals for All-Frequency Relighting
Ren Ng, Stanford University
Efficient BRDF Importance Sampling Using A Factored Representation
Jason Lawrence, Princeton University
Fast Hierarchical Importance Sampling with Blue Noise Properties
Charles Donohue,
Victor Ostromoukhov, University of Montreal
Data-Driven Character Animation
Speaking with Hands: Creating Animated Conversational Characters from Recordings of Human Performance
Matthew Stone
Synthesizing Physically Realistic Human Motion in Low-Dimensional, Behavior-Specific Spaces
Alla Safonova, Carnegie Mellon University
Style-Based Inverse Kinematics
Keith Grochow, UW
Synthesizing animations of human manipulation tasks
Katsu Yamane, University of Tokyo
Shape & Motion
Spacetime Faces: High-Resolution Capture for Modeling and Animation
Keith Noah Snavely, Univeristy of Washington
Li Zhang, University Of Washington
Pitching a Baseball - Tracking High-Speed Motion with Multi-Exposure Images
Irene Albrecht, Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik
Christian Theobalt, Max-Planck-Institut fuer Informatik
Obscuring Length Changes During Animated Motion
Jason Harrison, University of British Columbia
Automated Extraction and Parameterization of Motions in Large Data Sets
Lucas Kovar, University Of Washington
Shape Analysis
Fair Morse Functions for Extracting the Topological Structure of a Surface Mesh
John Hart, Univ. of Illinois
Shape Matching and Anisotropy
Michael Kazhdan, Princeton University
Ridge-Valley Lines on Meshes via Implicit Surface Fitting
Yutaka Ohtake, Computer Graphics Group, Max-Planck-Institut fuer Informatik
Video-Based Rendering
Keyframe-based tracking for rotoscoping and animation
Aseem Agarwala, University of Washington
Video Tooning
Jue Wang, University of Washington
Video Matching
Peter Sand, MIT
High-Quality Video View Interpolation Using a Layered Representation
Simon Winder, Microsoft Corporation
Larry Zitnick, Microsoft Research
Interactive Modeling
Modeling by Example
Thomas Funkhouser, Princeton University
An Intuitive Framework for Real-Time Freeform Modeling
Mario Botsch, RWTH Aachen
Mesh Editing With Poisson-Based Gradient Field Manipulation
Yizhou Yu, Univ. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Flash & Color
Flash Photography Enhancement Via Intrinsic Relighting
Elmar Eisemann, Artis/MIT
Digital Photography with Flash and No-Flash Image Pairs
Georg Petschnigg, Microsoft
Non-Photorealistic Camera: Depth Edge Detection and Stylized Rendering Using Multi-Flash Imaging
Ramesh Raskar, MERL
Capture From Images
Eyes for Relighting
Ko Nishino, Dept. of Computer Science, Columbia University
Capture of Hair Geometry From Multiple Images
Volumetric Reconstruction and Interactive Rendering of Trees from Photographs
HDR and Perception
Perception-Motivated High-Dynamic-Range Video Encoding
Grzegorz Krawczyk, MPI Informatik
Rafal Mantiuk, MPI Informatik
Perceptual Illumination Components: A New Approach to Efficient, High Quality Global Illumination Rendering
William Stokes, Cornell University
Supra-Threshold Control of Peripheral LOD
Benjamin Watson, Northwestern University
High-Dynamic-Range Display Systems
Helge Seetzen, Sunnybrook Technologies
Large Meshes and GPU Programming
Brook for GPUs: Stream Computing on Graphics Hardware
Ian Buck, Stanford University
Adaptive TetraPuzzles: Efficient Out-of-Core Construction and Visualization of Gigantic Multiresolution Polygonal Models
Enrico Gobbetti, CRS4
Geometry Clipmaps: Terrain Rendering Using Nested Regular Grids
Frank Losasso, Stanford University
Shader Algebra
Michael McCool, University of Waterloo
Lightfield Acquisition & Display
A Stereo Display Prototype With Multiple Focal Distances
Kurt Akeley, Stanford University
DISCO - Acquisition of Translucent Objects
Hendrik P. A. Lensch, MPI Informatik
Synthetic aperture confocal imaging
Marc Levoy, Stanford University
3D TV: A Scalable System for Real-Time Acquisition, Transmission, and Autostereoscopic Display of Dynamic Scenes
Wojciech Matusik, Mistubishi Electric Research Laboratories
Mesh Parameterization
Painting Detail
Nathan Carr, UIUC
Inter-Surface Mapping
Arul Asirvatham, University of Utah
John Schreiner, University of Utah
Marco Tarini, Visual Computing Lab, ISTI, CNR, Italy
Cross-Parameterization and Compatible Remeshing of 3D Models
Vladislav Kraevoy, UBC Computer Science
Alla Sheffer, University of British Columbia
  Fixing Models
  Variational Shape Approximation
Mathieu Desbrun, USC
  Robust Repair of Polygonal Models
Tao Ju, Rice University
  Interpolating and Approximating Implicit Surfaces from Polygon Soup
Chen Shen, U.C. Berkeley
  Context-Based Surface Completion
Andrei Sharf, Tel-Aviv University


Artistic Depiction
Strokes for Drawings Using Illuminated Paper Surfaces
Kyoko Murakami, Graduate Scool of Design, Kyushu Institute of Design
Mosaic for Stackable Objects
Jin Wan Park, Chung-Ang University
A Viscous Paint Model for Interactive Applications
William Baxter, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Automatic Image Retargeting
Vidya Setlur, Graduate Student
Sketchy Sketches
Making The Leap: Crosstraining Traditional Artists in 3D (sketches_0041)
Matt Elson, Walt Disney Feature Animation
Walt Sturrock, Disney Feature Animation
Sketch Pose: Artist Friendly Posing Tool
Brendan Duncan, Walt Disney Feature Animation
Mark Swain, Disney
Tweaking stylized light and shade
Ken Anjyo, OLM Digital, Inc.
I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Rain
Rendering Falling Rain and Snow
Niniane Wang, Google Inc.
A Physically Based Model of Ice
Theodore Kim, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Interactive Visualization of Exceptionally Complex Industrial CAD Datasets
Andreas Dietrich, Computer Graphics Group, Saarland University
Interactive American Sign Language Dictionary
Jose Hernandez, The George Washington University
Abstract Virtual Environments for Assessing Cognitive Abilities
Matthew Rizzo, University of Iowa
Design and Visual Communication
Controsenso But Not So Much: Digital Artifacts to Ease Communication and Exchange with Seeing-Impaired People
Andrea Brogi, Università degli Studi di Milano
Manuela Garcia, Politecnico di Milano
Ecce Homology
Eitan  Mendelowitz
Ruth West, UC San Diego Center for Research in Computing and The Arts
Artifacts of the Presence Era: Visualizing Presence for Posterity
Judith Donath, Massachusetts Instutute of Technology Media Lab
Symbol Mall
Daryl Hepting, University of Regina
Quick-VDR: Interactive View-Dependent Rendering of Massive Models
Brian Salomon, UNC-CH
Sung-Eui Yoon, UNC-CH
Fast and Reliable Collision Culling using Graphics Processors
Naga Govindaraju, UNC Chapel Hill
Faster GPU Computations Using Adaptive Refinement
Craig Donner, University of California, San Diego
UberFlow: A GPU-Based Particle Engine
Peter Kipfer, Technical University Munich
Interactive Motion Decomposition
Yong Cao, UCLA
Ari Shapiro, UCLA
Markerless Human Motion Transfer
Kong (German) Cheung, Carnegie Mellon University
Motion Emphasis Filter for Making Mental Motion of 3D Characters
Yoshiyuki Koie, Yoshiyuki Koie
Toshihiro Komma, Shobi University
Skeletal Parameter Estimation from Optical Motion Capture Data
Adam Kirk, UC-Berkeley
Squash, Stretch, and Repeat
Geometry Synthesis
Ares Lagae, K.U.Leuven University
Swirling-Sweepers: Constant-Volume Modeling
Alexis Angelidis, Computer Graphics and Vision Research Lab
Shape Preserving Mesh Deformation
Vladislav Kraevoy, UBC Computer Science
Squashing Cubes: Automating Deformable Model Construction for Graphics
Jernej  Barbic
Tangible/Ambient Media
Cafe Tools: Contents that Connect People
Atsuro Ueki, imgl, Keio University
Very Slowly Animating Textiles: Shimmering Flower
Joanna Berzowska, XS Labs
A Malleable Surface Touch Interface
Timothy Chen, The University of British Columbia
Scents of Space: an interactive smell system
Usman Haque, Haque Design and Research
Quick Image-Based Lighting of Hair
Ivan Neulander, Rhythm & Hues
A Self-Shadow Algorithm for Dynamic Hair using Density Clustering
Tom Mertens, Limburgs Universitair Centrum
Haptics and Sound
A Framework for Haptic Rendering of Large-Scale Virtual Environments
Mashhuda Glencross, The University of Manchester
Haptic Rendering of Interaction between Textured Models
Miguel Otaduy, UNC-Chapel Hill
Multi-Resolution Sound Rendering
Michael Wand, WSI/GRIS, University of Tuebingen
Art-Driven Modeling
Modeling Expressive 3D Caricatures
Ergun Akleman, Texas A&M University
Cords: Keyframe Control of Curves with Physical Properties
Patrick Coleman, University of Toronto
Tile-based Kolam patterns
Saty Raghavachary, DreamWorks Animation
Feature Creatures
The Tar Monster: Creating a Character With Fluid Simulation
Ben Houston, Frantic Films
Mark Wiebe, Frantic Films
Frowns, Smiles, Pouts
Constraint-based Synthesis of Visual Speech
James Edge, University of Sheffield
Improved Automatic Caricature by Feature Normalization and Exaggeration
Zhenyao Mo, University of Southern California
Multilinear Models for Facial Synthesis
Daniel Vlasic, MIT
Feasible Fluid, Foliage, and Fog
Fast Solutions to Gas Volumetrics in Matrix Revolutions
John Gibson, Digital Domain (presenting for Tippett Studio)
Davy Wentworth, Tippett Studio
Tile-Based Texture Mapping on Graphics Hardware
Li-Yi Wei, NVIDIA Corporation
Subband Encoding of High Dynamic Range Imagery
Gregory Ward, Anyhere Software
PACKMAN: Texture Compression for Mobile Phones
Jacob Strom, Ericsson Research
Art and Architecture
Superimposing Pictorial Artwork with Projected Imagery
Gordon Wetzstein
Abstracting design, designing abstractions… Use of computer graphics in early stages of architectural design
Andrzej Zarzycki, Independent Artist
Photometric Stereo for Archeological Inscriptions
Per Einarsson, Linköping University, Sweden
Unlighting the Parthenon
Paul Debevec, University of Southern California ICT
Per Einarsson, Linköping University, Sweden
Christopher Tchou, University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies
Global Illumination
Radiance Caching and Local Geometry Correction
Okan Arikan, Graduate Student
Ray Maps for Global Illumination
Vlastimil Havran, MPI Informatik
Inelastic Scattering in Participating Media Using Curved Photon Mapping
Diego Gutierrez, University of Zaragoza
Surface Modeling
Re-usable Implicit Functions
Alyn Rockwood, CO School of Mines
Fair LVC-Curves on Subdivision Surfaces
Carlo Sequin, U C Berkeley
Functionally Optimized Subdivision Surfaces
Pushkar Joshi, University of California, Berkeley
Nice and Fast Implicit Surfaces over Noisy Point Clouds
Gabriel Zachmann, University Bonn
Modeling Medley
Refolding Planar Polygons
Hayley Iben, University of California, Berkeley
Similarity-Based Surface Modelling Using Geodesic Fans
Steve Zelinka, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Prong Features Detection of a 3D Model Based on the Watershed Algorithm
Fu-Che Wu, National Taiwan University
Modeling and Simulation of Sharp Creases
Min Choi, University of Colorado at Denver
Monkeying With Reality
X-Ray Window: Portable Visualization on the International Space Station
William White, Southern Illinois University
3D Character Extension for Stop Motion Puppets
Melanie Beisswenger, Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, Institute of Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Postproduction
BLADESHIPS - An Interactive Attraction in Mixed Reality
Masayuki Takemura, University of Tsukuba
Imitation and Social Intelligence for Synthetic Characters
Daphna Buchsbaum, Synthetic Characters Group MIT Media Lab
Experimental Validation of Analytical BRDF Models
Addy Ngan, MIT CSAIL
zDOF - A Fast, Physically Accurate Algorithm for Simulating Depth-of-Field Effects in Synthetic Images Using Z-Buffers
Clay Budin, BlueSky Studios
RenderMonkey: An Effective Environment for Shader Prototyping and Development
Natalya Tatarchuk, ATI Research, Inc.
Rendering Skewed Plane of Sharp Focus and Associated Depth of Field
Brian Barsky, University of California, Berkeley
Augmented Reality
Video See-Through and Optical Tracking with Consumer Cell Phones
Mathias Mohring, Bauhaus0Universitat Weimar
Inside-Out Interaction: An Interaction Technique for Dealing with Large Interface Surfaces such as Web Pages on Small Screen Displays
Daniel Fallman, Dept. of Informatics, Umea University
Wearable scanning laser projector (WSLP)
Taro Maeda, NTT Communication Science Laboratories
An Autostereoscopic Optical See-Through Display for Augmented Reality
Alex Olwal, Royal Institiute of Technology
Intermedia Performance
Conceiving embodiment: the dance-architecture of Spawn
Mette Ramsgard Thomsen, University of Brighton, School of Architecture and Design
NightDriving – Videodance in Performance
John Crawford, electricFX Media
Illusory Interactive Performance by Self Eye Movement
Junji Watanabe, The University of Tokyo
Live Cinema : an instrument for cinema editing as a live performance
Michael Lew, Media Lab Europe
Non-Linear Kernel-based Precomputed Light Transport
Paul Green, MIT
Spherical Harmonic Gradients
Thomas Annen, MPI Informatik
Bidirectional Importance Sampling for Illumination from Environment Maps
David Burke, The University of British Columbia
Beautiful Things
All This Useless Beauty
Anthony Santoro, Curiouspictures/SUNY Purchase
A New Style of Ancient Culture – Animated Chinese Dunhuang Murals
Zhu Yi-bo, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
Making Space for Time in Time-Lapse Photography
Michael Terry, Georgia Tech
Electric Sheep
Scott Draves
Computer Vision
Interactive Scene Modeling From Dense Color and Sparse Depth
Gleb Bahmutov, Purdue University
Extracting Face Bump Maps From Video
James Paterson, Oxford University Engineering Dept
Learning Silhouette Features for Control of Human Motion
Liu Ren, Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University
Towards a unified approach to 3D environment capture and rendering.
Gordon Watson, University of Edinburgh
Fluids and Level Sets
Galilean Invariance for Fluid Simulation
Maurya Shah, USC, Institute for Creative Technologies
RLE Sparse Level Sets
Ben Houston, Frantic Films
Nafees Bin Zafar, Digital Domain
Mixed-Reality Applications
Veggie Diaries: Urban Mobile MR Entertainment
Kenji Iguchi, Keio University
Outdoor Mixed Reality Utilizing Surveillance Cameras
Yoshinari Kameda, University of Tsukuba
The Body's Surface as a Multimedia Interface: Closed-Eyes Nonverbal Telehaptic Communication
William Meyer, Exploratorium
Real-Time Skin Rendering on Graphics Hardware
Pedro Sander, ATI Research
Practical Real-Time Hair Rendering and Shading
Thorsten Scheuermann, ATI Research
Displacement Mapping with Ray-casting in Hardware
Keith Yerex, University of Alberta
CC Shadow Volumes
Brandon Lloyd, UNC-CH
Image-Based Rendering
lgf3: A Versatile Framework for Image-Based Modeling and Rendering
Christian Vogelgsang, Computer Graphics Group, Uni Erlangen
Reflection Morphing
Voicu Popescu, Purdue University
Real-time rendering for autostereoscopic 3D display systems
Yasunobu Yamauchi, TOSHIBA Corp. Research & Development Center
A Self-Reconfigurable Camera Array
Cha Zhang, ECE, Carnegie Mellon University
Visualization of Heart Function
Vassili Hurmusiadis, Primal Pictures Ltd
Synaesthesia, Data Mapping and Synchronicity
Brian Evans, University of Alabama
A Heightfield on an Isometric Grid
Morgan McGuire, Brown University
Model and control of simulated respiration for animation
Victor Zordan, UC Riverside


Building a Bridge to the Aesthetic Experience: Artistic Virtual Environments and Other Interactive Digital Art
An Aesthetics of Play and Empathy in 3D Virtual Worlds
Brian Betz, Kent State Univeristy/Stark Campus
Tobey Crockett, UC Irvine, PhD Program in Visual Studies
Dena Eber, Bowling Green State University
Patrick Lichty, N/A
Flavia Sparacino, Sensing Places/MIT
Careers in Computer Graphics
Rachel Falk, PDI/DreamWorks
Hael Kobayashi, Animal Logic
Tim Langdell, Edge Games
Bob Nicoll, Electronic Arts
Luke O'Byrne, the orphanage
Kate Shaw, Industrial Light + Magic
3D Animation - Difficult or impossible to teach, learn?
Jim Jagger, BioWare Corp. - Games
Francis Schmidt, Bergen Community College
Next Generation User Interface Technology for Consumer Electronics
John Card II, Echostar Communications
Evan Hirsch, n/a
Rebecca R. Lim, Starz Encore Group
Garry Paxinos, US Digital Television (USDTV)
Cultural Heritage and Computer Graphics: What are the Issues?
David Arnold, University of Brighton
Alan Chalmers, University of Bristol
Katsushi Ikeuchi, The University of Tokyo
Mark Mudge, Cultural Heritage Imaging
Holly Rushmeier, Yale University
Roberto Scopigno, Istituto Scienza e Tecnologie dell'Informazione (ISTI - CNR)
Custom Software Development in Post Production
Jack Brooks, Walt Disney Feature Animation
Andrew Chapman, Framestore
David Hart, PDI/Dreamworks
Daniel Maskit, Digital Domain
Games Development: How will you feed the next generation of hardware?

Christian Lavoie, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Emilie Saulnier, Vicarious Visions
James Spoto, Electronic Arts / Tiburon
Frank Vitz, Electronic Arts


Real Time 3DX: Demo or Die
Dave Arendash,
Con Caris,
Mark Chavez, CLONE3D
David Colleen, Planet 9 Studios
Franceesca Crolley, 3DFM
Leonard Daly, Daly Realism
Bruce Damer, DigitalSpace
Mal Duffin, CanDo Interactive
Kimberly Farrell, University of Iowa
Gordan Fisher, Point Happy Interactive
Sam Glassenberg, Stanford University
Art Griesser, NIST
Steve Guynup, University of Baltimore
Jayme  Hero, Iowa State University
Gerard Kim,
Stephen Matsuba, Yumetech, Inc.
Kay Melzer, university of applied sciences - dept. of med. comp. sci.
Yiqi Meng, m17design
Marc Price, BBC
Sandy Ressler, National Institutes of Standards Technology
Larry Rosenthal, Cube Productions Inc
Peter Schickel,
Ronald  Sidharta, VRAC
Ed Sims, Vcom3D, Inc.
Luciano Soares, Laboratório de Sistemas Integráveis
Bob Steingart, SensAble Technologies, Inc.
Bradley Vender, North Dakota State University
Keith Victor,
Mitch Williams, 3D-Online
Computer Music
Perry Cook, Princeton University
Joe Paradiso, MIT Media Labs
Curtis  Roads, University of California, Santa Barbra
VJ: The Art of Live Video Performance
James Cui, Los Angeles Video Artists
David Foss,
Radley Marx, Eoptica/VJTV
Ben Sheppee, Lightrhythm visuals
Ryan Tandy, connected systems
Vello Virkhaus, V Squared Labs Inc.
Nathan Whitford, Urban Visuals
Graffiti Archaeology
Cassidy Curtis, PDI/DreamWorks
Electroscape 002: BAC +3 digit // multiplied space
Christian Babski, fabric | ch
Patrick Keller, fabric | ch Programming for Artists and Designers
Casey  Reas, UCLA Design | Media Arts
Ryukyu ALIVE - Information Galaxy Visualizing Users' Access Log
Akira Wakita, Keio University
Knowscape Mobile, Associating Territories of Data and Physical Space
Christian Babski, fabric | ch
Patrick Keller, fabric | ch
Visual Query Interfaces for Wikis and Blogs
Troy Gardner,
NetAIBO Project
Hidenori Watanave, Photon,Inc.
OHAYO Players
Kampei Baba, Research & Development
Mobile Web
JSR-226: A Versatile API for Mobile SVG on J2ME
Tolga Capin, Nokia Research Center
Dean Jackson, W3C
What Graphic Designers Should Know About the Mobile Web
Dean Jackson, W3C
Rich-Media Procedural Texturing
Goncalo Nuno Moutinho de Carvalho, Cryogenic Graphics Ltd
Universal Converter for Platform-Independent Procedural Shaders in X3D
Feng Liu, student
Scott Owen, Georgia State University
Ying Zhu, Georgia State University
The Kata of Web3D
Chris Thorne, Ping Interactive Broadband, University of Western Australia
Gateway and Protocol for Modern Cyberspace
Chris Thorne, Ping Interactive Broadband, University of Western Australia
Online 3D Retrieval based on Perceptual Quality
Anup Basu, Dept. of CS, University of Alberta
Efficient Dynamic Media Generation
Matthew Rechs, Schematic
Robert Reinhardt, Schematic LLC
CSS Zen Garden
Dave Shea,
New Audiences
The sign language animation site "Hello! Astroboy"
Manabu Yanagimoto
Flash Finally Hits Hollywood
Sandro Corsaro, Author
Clifford Parrott, Banga U.E. Animation Studio
  An Interactive Introduction to OpenGL Programming
  Ed Angel, University of New Mexico
Dave Shreiner, SGI
Vicki Shreiner, SGI
  Color science and color appearance models for CG, HDTV, and D-cinema
  Charles Poynton
  Introduction to Computer Graphics
  Mike Bailey, San Diego Supercomputer Center
Andrew Glassner
  Acting and Drawing for Animation
  James Donlon, University of California at Santa Barbara
John  Finnegan, Purdue University
Lucilla Hoshor, Savannah College of Art and Design
Larry  Lauria, SCAD
  Collision Detection and Proximity Queries
  Ming C. Lin, UNC-CH
Stephanie Redon
  Commodity-Based Projection VR
  Josephine Anstey, University at Buffalo
Dave Pape, Department of Media Study
  Color in Information Display: Principles, Perception and Models
  Maureen Stone, StoneSoup Consulting
  Enhancing Three-dimensional Vision with Three-dimensional Sound
  Daniel Dobler, AUDITE
Philipp Stampfl, CEO Audite OEG
  Developing Augmented Reality Applications
  Ron Azuma, HRL Laboratories, LLC
Mark Billinghurst, HIT Lab NZ, University of Canterbury
Hirokazu Kato, Osaka University
Dieter Schmalstieg, Vienna University of Technology
  Multiple-View Geometry for Image-Based Modeling
  Jana Kosecka, George Mason University
Yi Ma, ECE Dept., Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  Point Based Computer Graphics
  Marc Alexa, Technische Universitat Darmstadt
Markus Gross, Eidgenossische Technische Hochshule Zurich
Mark Pauly, Stanford University
Hanspeter Pfister, Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs
Marc Stamminger, Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg
Matthias Zwicker, MIT Computer Graphics Group
  High Dynamic Range Imaging
  Paul Debevec, University of Southern California ICT
Erik Reinhard, University of Central Florida
Gregory Ward, Anyhere Software
  Performance OpenGL: Platform Independent Techniques
  Brad Grantham
Bob Kuehne, Blue Newt Software
Dave Shreiner, SGI
Thomas True
  Introduction to Bayesian Learning
  Aaron Hertzmann, University of Toronto Computer Science
  Projectors: Advanced Graphics and Vision Techniques
  Ramesh Raskar, MERL
  Level Set and PDE Methods for Computer Graphics
  David Breen, Drexel University
Ken Museth,
Ross Whitaker, University of Utah
  GPGPU: General-Purpose Computation on Graphics Hardware
  Ian Buck, Stanford University
Mark Harris
Jens Kruger
Aaron E. Lefohn
David Luebke, University of Virginia
Timothy J. Purcell
Cliff Woolley
  Real-Time Shading
  Kurt Akeley, Stanford University
Kevin Bjorke, Nvidia
John Hart, Univ. of Illinois
Wolfgang Heidrich, University of British Columbia
Michael McCool, University of Waterloo, CS
Jason L. Mitchell, ATI Research
Marc Olano, UMBC
Randi Rost, 3Dlabs, Inc. Ltd.
  Seeing, Hearing, and Touching: Putting It All Together
  Sidney Fels, UBC
Brian Fisher, Univ. of BC
Karon MacLean, University of British Columbia
Tamara Munzner, University of British Columbia
Ronald Rensink, University of British Columbia
  State of the Art in Global Illumination
  James Arvo
Kavita Bala
Philip Dutre, Department of Computer Science
Steve Marschner
Matt Pharr, NVIDIA
  The Elements of Nature: Interactive and Realistic Techniques
  Oliver Deussen
David Ebert, School of ECE, Purdue University
Ron Fedkiw
Ken Musgrave
Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz
Joe Stam
Jerry Tessendorf
  Real-Time Shadowing Techniques
  Tomas Akenine-Moeller, Lund University
Eric Chan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wolfgang Heidrich, University of British Columbia
Jan Kautz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mark Kilgard
Marc Stamminger, Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg
  Real-Time Volume Graphics
  Klaus Engel
Markus Hadwiger, VRVis Research Center
Joe M. Kniss
Aaron E. Lefohn
Christof Rezk-Salama, University of Siegen
  Visualizing Geospatial Data
  Theresa-Marie Rhyne, North Carolina State University
  There Can Still Be Only One: Independent Animation Production for the Lonely
  Kristen Palana, William Paterson University
Steve Rittler, William Paterson University
  Shape-Based Retrieval and Analysis of 3D Models
  Thomas Funkhouser, Princeton University
Michael Kazhdan, Princeton University
  Unconventional Human Computer Interfaces
  Steffi Beckhaus,
Ernst Kruijff, Fraunhofer IMK