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  ACM SIGGRAPH 2003 Conference Presentations OSA & DVD-ROM

Known Issues July 15, 2004

All Platforms:
  • Disk Caching (OSA ONLY)
    To improve performance of the OSA, some files are stored locally on your hard drive. This will improve the loading times the next time you use the OSA. These files will remain on the hard drive. To delete these cached files press Shift-D (while the OSA is running).
  • Initial Loading (DVD-ROM ONLY)
    To improve performance of the DVD-ROM, some files are stored locally on your hard drive. Initial loading times vary depending on your DVD-ROM drive. These files are removed once the application has been quit. We recommend an 8X DVD-ROM drive or faster. See below for MAC OS X Panther specific issues.
  • Chapter Lists That Do Not Fit On Screen
    There are certain presentations that include chapter lists that exceed the display resolution.  If you have a Display setting of more than 1024x768 you will see more items listed in the Chapter List.  This is a limitation of the software, however, it does not affect the synchronization between the slides and the video presentation.
Windows issues:
  • Some computers experience a screen flicker when using the Chapter List navigation tool in the video controller.
  • On some PCs it may be necessary to uninstall your previous version of QuickTime before installing the latest version included on this disc. If you have to install QuickTime manually, go to Download the correct version of QuickTime for your operating system and follow the online instructions.
  • On some Novell systems, the OSA and DVD-ROM may encounter an access denied error due to restrictions placed on a user's disk cache
MAC OS X issues:
  • MAC OS X Panther Issue (DVD-ROM ONLY):
    The DVD-ROMs were optimized for MAC OS Jaguar (as Panther was not yet available at the time the DVD-ROMs were created). With the introduction of Panther, the initial loading time of the DVD-ROMs increased significantly. This issue was due to the runtime player not being optimized for Panther (this issue was resolved in the OSA). We have created a new DVD-ROM runtime for Panther users to download. Using this runtime (instead of the runtime on the DVD-ROMS) will improve the initial loading time of the DVD-ROMs. We highly recommend all Panther users to download this update.
  • MAC OS X Issue (Keynote Demo ONLY): On some MAC configurations, the video is initially displayed twice. This only occurs in the demo and not the OSA.
  • The OSA has been tested to run on OS X 10.2.6, 10.2.8 and Panther 10.3+.

If you require technical support please email us at

Recommended Systems:  
   Intel Pentium 4 or compatible processor 
   256 Megs RAM
   1024x768 - 24 bit color
   8x DVD-ROM drive
   30 Megs free hard drive
   16-bit Soundcard
   Windows 2000, XP
   PowerMac G4-400Mhz
   256 Megs RAM
   1024x768 - Millions of colors
   8x DVD-ROM
   30 Megs free hard drive
   OS X 10.2.8+  

NOTE: Although this application can run on slower Pentium 3 and MAC G3 machines, we highly recommend Intel Pentium 4 or comparable processors and the Apple PowerMac G4 processor.





Disclaimer DVD-ROM

We have attempted to recreate the presentations as closely as possible to their original format by including as much of the presentation materials that were made available. Camera feeds of the presenters were not available in most rooms so only the speaker's voice and presentation materials were recorded. The presentation materials includes PowerPoint slides, demos and additional videos used during the presentation. Full access to PowerPoint presentations, demos and videos was not always granted.

Due to copyright issues: some presentations have images or videos that are removed or the audio is muted.

Disclaimer OSA
The OSA web version of the ACM SIGGRAPH 2003 Conference Presentations includes all of the videos and PowerPoint presentation files that were made available to us. However, the OSA does not include the extra 140 synchronized videos that the speakers provided. These animations are available ONLY on the DVD-ROM version.
Full access to PowerPoint presentations and videos was not always granted. In all cases we did not have access to demos, however, some presentations do include video clips of the demos.

For further information about our conference recording solution, please visit our website