ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG)

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SESSION: Imaginative imaging

CoLux: multi-object 3D micro-motion analysis using speckle imaging

4D imaging through spray-on optics

Rainbow particle imaging velocimetry for dense 3D fluid velocity imaging

Epipolar time-of-flight imaging

SESSION: Mappings and deformations

Scalable locally injective mappings

Geometric optimization via composite majorization

Variance-minimizing transport plans for inter-surface mapping

Regularized kelvinlets: sculpting brushes based on fundamental solutions of elasticity

SESSION: Learning to move

DeepLoco: dynamic locomotion skills using hierarchical deep reinforcement learning

Phase-functioned neural networks for character control

Learning to schedule control fragments for physics-based characters using deep Q-learning

Discovering and synthesizing humanoid climbing movements

SESSION: Get more out of your photo

VNect: real-time 3D human pose estimation with a single RGB camera

Real-time geometry, albedo and motion reconstruction using a single RGBD camera

Modeling surface appearance from a single photograph using self-augmented convolutional neural networks

Virtual rephotography: novel view prediction error for 3D reconstruction

Computational zoom: a framework for post-capture image composition

SESSION: People power

Movie editing and cognitive event segmentation in virtual reality video

Sequential line search for efficient visual design optimization by crowds

Perform: perceptual approach for adding OCEAN personality to human motion using laban movement analysis

Understanding the impact of animated gesture performance on personality perceptions

Saccade landing position prediction for gaze-contingent rendering

SESSION: Comparing 3D shapes and parts

Co-locating style-defining elements on 3D shapes

Deformation-driven shape correspondence via shape recognition

GRASS: generative recursive autoencoders for shape structures

Retrieval on parametric shape collections

Understanding and exploiting object interaction landscapes

SESSION: Clever solids

Example-based damping design

Data-driven physics for human soft tissue animation

Robust eXtended finite elements for complex cutting of deformables

A multi-scale model for simulating liquid-hair interactions

SESSION: Being discrete about geometry processing

Bounding proxies for shape approximation

Spatiotemporal atlas parameterization for evolving meshes

FlowRep: descriptive curve networks for free-form design shapes

Functional characterization of intrinsic and extrinsic geometry

SESSION: Color & compositing

Constrained palette-space exploration

Playful palette: an interactive parametric color mixer for artists

Decomposing images into layers via RGB-space geometry

Interactive high-quality green-screen keying via color unmixing

Unmixing-based soft color segmentation for image manipulation

SESSION: Fabricating curves, surfaces, & volumes

Computational design and automated fabrication of kirchhoff-plateau surfaces

Image-based reconstruction of wire art

CurveUps: shaping objects from flat plates with tension-actuated curvature

String actuated curved folded surfaces

Optimal discrete slicing

SESSION: Reflectance & scattering

Practical acquisition and rendering of diffraction effects in surface reflectance

A practical extension to microfacet theory for the modeling of varying iridescence

A two-scale microfacet reflectance model combining reflection and diffraction

An efficient and practical near and far field fur reflectance model

SESSION: Fluid control & synthesis

Fluxed animated boundary method

Efficient solver for spacetime control of smoke

Interpolations of smoke and liquid simulations

Data-driven synthesis of smoke flows with CNN-based feature descriptors

SESSION: Learning & analysis for geometry

Learning hierarchical shape segmentation and labeling from online repositories

Convolutional neural networks on surfaces via seamless toric covers

O-CNN: octree-based convolutional neural networks for 3D shape analysis

ClothCap: seamless 4D clothing capture and retargeting

SESSION: Rendering in path space

Fusing state spaces for markov chain Monte Carlo rendering

Charted metropolis light transport

A spatial target function for metropolis photon tracing

Antialiasing complex global illumination effects in path-space

SESSION: Reconstructing 3D surfaces from points, lines, images & water

Topology-controlled reconstruction of multi-labelled domains from cross-sections

BundleFusion: real-time globally consistent 3D reconstruction using on-the-fly surface re-integration

Field-aligned online surface reconstruction

Tanks and temples: benchmarking large-scale scene reconstruction

Dip transform for 3D shape reconstruction

SESSION: Fabrication animation

Interactive design of animated plushies

Functionality-aware retargeting of mechanisms to 3D shapes

A computational design tool for compliant mechanisms

Computational design of telescoping structures

Dynamics-aware numerical coarsening for fabrication design

SESSION: Time to focus

Holographic near-eye displays for virtual and augmented reality

Focal surface displays

Accommodation and comfort in head-mounted displays

Accommodation-invariant computational near-eye displays

SESSION: Global parameterization

Harmonic global parametrization with rational holonomy

Spherical orbifold tutte embeddings

Similarity maps and field-guided T-splines: a perfect couple

Consistent functional cross field design for mesh quadrangulation

SESSION: Speech and facial animation

A deep learning approach for generalized speech animation

Audio-driven facial animation by joint end-to-end learning of pose and emotion

Synthesizing Obama: learning lip sync from audio

VoCo: text-based insertion and replacement in audio narration

SESSION: Rendering systems

Kernel-predicting convolutional networks for denoising Monte Carlo renderings

Interactive reconstruction of Monte Carlo image sequences using a recurrent denoising autoencoder

Aether: an embedded domain specific sampling language for Monte Carlo rendering

Shader components: modular and high performance shader development

A compressed representation for ray tracing parametric surfaces


Variational stokes: a unified pressure-viscosity solver for accurate viscous liquids

Infinite continuous adaptivity for incompressible SPH

Water wave packets

Multi-scale vorticle fluids

Multi-species simulation of porous sand and water mixtures

SESSION: Image texture & completion

Programmable 2D arrangements for element texture design

Deep correlations for texture synthesis

Patch-based optimization for image-based texture mapping

Globally and locally consistent image completion

Nautilus: recovering regional symmetry transformations for image editing

SESSION: Rendering volumes

A forward scattering dipole model from a functional integral approximation

Lighting grid hierarchy for self-illuminating explosions

Spectral and decomposition tracking for rendering heterogeneous volumes

Beyond points and beams: higher-dimensional photon samples for volumetric light transport

SESSION: Meshing

Regular meshes from polygonal patterns

Robust hex-dominant mesh generation using field-guided polyhedral agglomeration

Hexahedral-dominant meshing

Boundary element octahedral fields in volumes

SESSION: Sound & elastics

Interactive sound propagation and rendering for large multi-source scenes

Animating elastic rods with sound

A stiffly accurate integrator for elastodynamic problems

Quasi-newton methods for real-time simulation of hyperelastic materials

SESSION: Deep image processing

Deep extraction of manga structural lines

Deep bilateral learning for real-time image enhancement

Real-time user-guided image colorization with learned deep priors

Visual attribute transfer through deep image analogy

Deep compositing using lie algebras

SESSION: Fabricating look & feel

Two-scale topology optimization with microstructures

Orthotropic k-nearest foams for additive manufacturing

Worst-case stress relief for microstructures

Printing anisotropic appearance with magnetic flakes

Color contoning for 3D printing

SESSION: Sketching & curves

BendSketch: modeling freeform surfaces through 2D sketching

DeepSketch2Face: a deep learning based sketching system for 3D face and caricature modeling

Example-based expressive animation of 2D rigid bodies

Skippy: single view 3D curve interactive modeling

k-curves: interpolation at local maximum curvature


Computational video editing for dialogue-driven scenes

Time slice video synthesis by robust video alignment

Real-time planning for automated multi-view drone cinematography

Light field video capture using a learning-based hybrid imaging system

SESSION: Simulation for virtual worlds

Fast weather simulation for inverse procedural design of 3D urban models

Authoring landscapes by combining ecosystem and terrain erosion simulation

Botanical materials based on biomechanics

Implicit crowds: optimization integrator for robust crowd simulation

SESSION: Random sampling

Convergence analysis for anisotropic monte carlo sampling spectra

Wasserstein blue noise sampling

An adaptive point sampler on a regular lattice

A spherical cap preserving parameterization for spherical distributions


A schur complement preconditioner for scalable parallel fluid simulation

Power diagrams and sparse paged grids for high resolution adaptive liquids

Generic objective vortices for flow visualization

Inside fluids: clebsch maps for visualization and processing

Perceptual evaluation of liquid simulation methods

SESSION: Image: mapping, size & range

Interactive relighting in single low-dynamic range images

Nonuniform spatial deformation of light fields by locally linear transformations

Deep high dynamic range imaging of dynamic scenes

Spectral remapping for image downscaling

Portrait lighting transfer using a mass transport approach

SESSION: Human motion

Multi-contact locomotion using a contact graph with feasibility predictors

Domain of attraction expansion for physics-based character control

Momentum-mapped inverted pendulum models for controlling dynamic human motions

SESSION: Computational cameras & displays

3DTV at home: eulerian-lagrangian stereo-to-multiview conversion

Hiding of phase-based stereo disparity for ghost-free viewing without glasses

Low-cost 360 stereo photography and video capture

Mixed-primary factorization for dual-frame computational displays

SESSION: Let's get in contact

Bounce maps: an improved restitution model for real-time rigid-body impact

All's well that ends well: guaranteed resolution of simultaneous rigid body impact

Improving the GJK algorithm for faster and more reliable distance queries between convex objects

Anisotropic elastoplasticity for cloth, knit and hair frictional contact

SESSION: Faces & hair

Phace: physics-based face modeling and animation

Facial retargeting with automatic range of motion alignment

Example-based synthesis of stylized facial animations

A data-driven approach to four-view image-based hair modeling

SESSION: Work it, make it better, stronger

Interactive design space exploration and optimization for CAD models

Interactive design and stability analysis of decorative joinery for furniture

Lightweight structure design under force location uncertainty

Design and volume optimization of space structures