ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) - Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH 2016

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SESSION: Computational cameras

The diffractive achromat full spectrum computational imaging with diffractive optics

Practical multispectral lighting reproduction

Computational imaging with multi-camera time-of-flight systems

SESSION: Rigging & skinning

Example-based plastic deformation of rigid bodies

Pose-space subspace dynamics

Efficient dynamic skinning with low-rank helper bone controllers

Real-time skeletal skinning with optimized centers of rotation

SESSION: Geometry

Erosion thickness on medial axes of 3D shapes

Mesh arrangements for solid geometry

SESSION: Efficient sampling & rendering

Adaptive polynomial rendering

Real-time polygonal-light shading with linearly transformed cosines

Adjoint-driven Russian roulette and splitting in light transport simulation

SESSION: Fabricating structure & appearance

Computational thermoforming

Procedural voronoi foams for additive manufacturing

CofiFab: coarse-to-fine fabrication of large 3D objects

SESSION: Shape analysis

RAID: a relation-augmented image descriptor

Learning how objects function via co-analysis of interactions

PATEX: exploring pattern variations


A compiler for 3D machine knitting

Physics-driven pattern adjustment for direct 3D garment editing

Fitting procedural yarn models for realistic cloth rendering

SESSION: Perception of shapes and people

Tactile mesh saliency

Perceptual effect of shoulder motions on crowd animations

Body talk: crowdshaping realistic 3D avatars with words

An interaction-aware, perceptual model for non-linear elastic objects

SESSION: Rendering of complex microstructure

Position-normal distributions for efficient rendering of specular microstructure

Multi-scale rendering of scratched materials using a structured SV-BRDF model

Multiple-scattering microfacet BSDFs with the Smith model

SESSION: Computational display

Cinema 3D: large scale automultiscopic display

Additive light field displays: realization of augmented reality with holographic optical elements

SESSION: Camera control & VR

Generating dynamically feasible trajectories for quadrotor cameras

Roto++: accelerating professional rotoscoping using shape manifolds

Rich360: optimized spherical representation from structured panoramic camera arrays

Mapping virtual and physical reality

SESSION: Materials

Reflectance modeling by neural texture synthesis

ZoeMatrope: a system for physical material design

SESSION: Display software

Emulating displays with continuously varying frame rates

GazeStereo3D: seamless disparity manipulations

Binary continuous image decomposition for multi-view display

Seamless visual sharing with color vision deficiencies

SESSION: Correspondences & mapping

Wasserstein barycentric coordinates: histogram regression using optimal transport

Entropic metric alignment for correspondence problems

Point registration via efficient convex relaxation

Bijective maps from simplicial foliations

Globally optimal toon tracking

SESSION: Fluids simulation

Resolving fluid boundary layers with particle strength exchange and weak adaptivity

Schrödinger's smoke

Surface-only liquids

Multiphase SPH simulation for interactive fluids and solids

SESSION: Motion control

Unified motion planner for fishes with various swimming styles

Terrain-adaptive locomotion skills using deep reinforcement learning

Task-based locomotion

SESSION: Optimizing image processing

Automatically scheduling halide image processing pipelines

ProxImaL: efficient image optimization using proximal algorithms

Rigel: flexible multi-rate image processing hardware

SESSION: Computational design of structures, shapes, and sound

Computational design of stable planar-rod structures

Non-linear shape optimization using local subspace projections

Acoustic voxels: computational optimization of modular acoustic filters

SESSION: Deformable surface design

Beyond developable: computational design and fabrication with auxetic materials

Computational design of reconfigurables

SESSION: Image & shape manipulation

cSculpt: a system for collaborative sculpting

StyLit: illumination-guided example-based stylization of 3D renderings

Flow-guided warping for image-based shape manipulation

Transfiguring portraits

SESSION: Sound, fluids & boundaries

Toward animating water with complex acoustic bubbles

Generalized non-reflecting boundaries for fluid re-simulation

Preserving geometry and topology for fluid flows with thin obstacles and narrow gaps

SESSION: Curve & strut networks for fabrication

Synthesis of filigrees for digital fabrication

Designing structurally-sound ornamental curve networks

Connected fermat spirals for layered fabrication

Printing arbitrary meshes with a 5DOF wireframe printer

SESSION: Physical phenomena

A semi-implicit material point method for the continuum simulation of granular materials

Drucker-prager elastoplasticity for sand animation

Fast approximations for boundary element based brittle fracture simulation

SESSION: Mappings

Bounded distortion harmonic shape interpolation

On the convexity and feasibility of the bounded distortion harmonic mapping problem

Volume-encoded UV-maps

Motion graphs for unstructured textured meshes

SESSION: Intrinsic images

Live intrinsic video

Let there be color!: joint end-to-end learning of global and local image priors for automatic image colorization with simultaneous classification

SESSION: Rendering & simulation with GPUs

Real-time rendering on a power budget

A system for rapid exploration of shader optimization choices

Efficient GPU rendering of subdivision surfaces using adaptive quadtrees

SESSION: Capturing humans

Fusion4D: real-time performance capture of challenging scenes

An anatomically-constrained local deformation model for monocular face capture

AutoHair: fully automatic hair modeling from a single image

Lightweight eye capture using a parametric model

Realtime 3D eye gaze animation using a single RGB camera

SESSION: Sketching & writing

The sketchy database: learning to retrieve badly drawn bunnies

Fidelity vs. simplicity: a global approach to line drawing vectorization

Learning to simplify: fully convolutional networks for rough sketch cleanup

Legible compact calligrams


HexEx: robust hexahedral mesh extraction

All-hex meshing using closed-form induced polycube

Fast and exact discrete geodesic computation based on triangle-oriented wavefront propagation

SESSION: Faces & portraits

Real-time facial animation with image-based dynamic avatars

JALI: an animator-centric viseme model for expressive lip synchronization

Perspective-aware manipulation of portrait photos

Painting style transfer for head portraits using convolutional neural networks

SESSION: Procedural modeling

Interactive sketching of urban procedural models

Computational network design from functional specifications

Crowd-driven mid-scale layout design

SESSION: Meshes & fields

Subdivision exterior calculus for geometry processing

Accelerated quadratic proxy for geometric optimization

G1 non-uniform Catmull-Clark surfaces

SESSION: Plants & humans

Modeling dense inflorescences

Spectral style transfer for human motion between independent actions

A deep learning framework for character motion synthesis and editing

PiGraphs: learning interaction snapshots from observations

SESSION: Texture

Multi-scale label-map extraction for texture synthesis

Time-varying weathering in texture space

SESSION: User interfaces

Soli: ubiquitous gesture sensing with millimeter wave radar

Efficient and precise interactive hand tracking through joint, continuous optimization of pose and correspondences

Rig animation with a tangible and modular input device

SESSION: Expressive animation

Artist-directed dynamics for 2D animation

SketchiMo: sketch-based motion editing for articulated characters

Shadow theatre: discovering human motion from a sequence of silhouettes

SESSION: Photo organization & manipulation

Automatic triage for a photo series

Sky is not the limit: semantic-aware sky replacement