ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) - Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2017

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SESSION: Form, furniture, and fashion

Position-based tensegrity design

Material-minimizing forms and structures

Reconfigurable interlocking furniture

Fabricable tile decors

SESSION: HDR and image manipulation

Learning to predict indoor illumination from a single image

Deep reverse tone mapping

HDR image reconstruction from a single exposure using deep CNNs

Transferring image-based edits for multi-channel compositing

Photo2clipart: image abstraction and vectorization using layered linear gradients

SESSION: Geometry and shape

Sketch-based implicit blending

Approximate dissections

Localized solutions of sparse linear systems for geometry processing

DS++: a flexible, scalable and provably tight relaxation for matching problems

SESSION: Volumes

Robust structure simplification for hex re-meshing

Simplicial complex augmentation framework for bijective maps

Visibility-consistent thin surface reconstruction using multi-scale kernels

Tensor field design in volumes

SESSION: Displays

Near-eye varifocal augmented reality display using see-through screens

Retinal 3D: augmented reality near-eye display via pupil-tracked light field projection on retina

Mix-and-match holography

Perceptually-guided foveation for light field displays

SESSION: Avatars and faces

Real-time 3D eyelids tracking from semantic edges

Learning a model of facial shape and expression from 4D scans

Avatar digitization from a single image for real-time rendering

Bringing portraits to life

SESSION: Fire, flow, and flight

Interactive wood combustion for botanical tree models

How to train your dragon: example-guided control of flapping flight

A hyperbolic geometric flow for evolving films and foams

City-scale traffic animation using statistical learning and metamodel-based optimization

SESSION: 3D scenes

Adaptive synthesis of indoor scenes via activity-associated object relation graphs

Autonomous reconstruction of unknown indoor scenes guided by time-varying tensor fields

3Dlite: towards commodity 3D scanning for content creation

BigSUR: large-scale structured urban reconstruction

SESSION: Reflectance and scattering

Microfacet-based normal mapping for robust Monte Carlo path tracing

Polarization imaging reflectometry in the wild

Scratch iridescence: wave-optical rendering of diffractive surface structure

A BSSRDF model for efficient rendering of fur with global illumination


SpinVR: towards live-streaming 3D virtual reality video

Chromablur: rendering chromatic eye aberration improves accommodation and realism

Smooth assembled mappings for large-scale real walking

Fully perceptual-based 3D spatial sound individualization with an adaptive variational autoencoder

SESSION: Mappings and deformation

Planar interpolation with extreme deformation, topology change and dynamics

GPU-accelerated locally injective shape deformation

Autocuts: simultaneous distortion and cut optimization for UV mapping

Seamless: seam erasure and seam-aware decoupling of shape from mesh resolution

SESSION: High performance imaging

Compact single-shot hyperspectral imaging using a prism

High-quality hyperspectral reconstruction using a spectral prior

DeepToF: off-the-shelf real-time correction of multipath interference in time-of-flight imaging

Snapshot difference imaging using correlation time-of-flight sensors

SESSION: Fluids in particular

Conformation constraints for efficient viscoelastic fluid simulation

A polynomial particle-in-cell method

An adaptive generalized interpolation material point method for simulating elastoplastic materials

A unified particle system framework for multi-phase, multi-material visual simulations

SESSION: Learning geometry

Learning to group discrete graphical patterns

Complementme: weakly-supervised component suggestions for 3D modeling

Learning to predict part mobility from a single static snapshot

Interactive example-based terrain authoring with conditional generative adversarial networks

SESSION: Rendering and sampling

Gradient-domain path reusing

Real-time global illumination by precomputed local reconstruction from sparse radiance probes

Deep scattering: rendering atmospheric clouds with radiance-predicting neural networks

Fast rendering of fabric micro-appearance models under directional and spherical gaussian lights

Weighted linde-buzo-gray stippling

SESSION: Multi-view 3D

Casual 3D photography

Soft 3D reconstruction for view synthesis

Near-eye light field holographic rendering with spherical waves for wide field of view interactive 3D computer graphics

Fast gaze-contingent optimal decompositions for multifocal displays

SESSION: Design and fabrication

Computational design of wind-up toys

Computational design and fabrication of soft pneumatic objects with desired deformations

Metasilicone: design and fabrication of composite silicone with desired mechanical properties

Scattering-aware texture reproduction for 3D printing

3D printing wireless connected objects

SESSION: Hands and bodies

Online generative model personalization for hand tracking

Articulated distance fields for ultra-fast tracking of hands interacting

Embodied hands: modeling and capturing hands and bodies together

Motion2fusion: real-time volumetric performance capture