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Networking: Are You Doing it Wrong?

It's widely accepted that forming connections with complete strangers for no reason other than the potential for career advancement is a sound practice for the upwardly mobile. Hundreds of books and blog posts echo that same advice. But if it's so right, why does it feel so wrong?

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ACM SIGGRAPH Member Profile: Gitta Domik

This month we interviewed Gitta Domik, computer graphics professor and devoted SIGGRAPH attendee since 1989. "Every time I come back from SIGGRAPH, I overflow with ideas of what to do next in my research and in my teaching," said Gitta. "It means updating my knowledge on computer graphics, it means filling my head with new ideas that become potential projects -- and, since starting to be a member of a SIGGRAPH committee, it also means seeing dear friends again." Read the full profile.

Girl with long hair

Research Spotlight: Hair Modeling from a Single Photo

A recent paper from SIGGRAPH Asia 2015, "High-quality hair modeling from a single portrait photo," proposes a system to reconstruct a high-quality hair depth map from a single portrait photo. Authors Chai, et al. outline a process that achieves the stated result by combining depth cues such as occlusions, silhouettes and shading with a 3D helical structural prior. Access the paper in the ACM Digital Library.

Bogota Conference

Change in ACM SIGGRAPH Bylaws

The Executive Committee has proposed a change to the ACM SIGGRAPH bylaws that will move the election close date from June 1 to August 15 each year. The rationale behind the change is to increase member participation in the election process. With a large percentage of ACM SIGGRAPH membership attending the annual SIGGRAPH conference, the intention is for the conference to serve as a platform for publicizing the election and encouraging members to vote. Read more.



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  • Photos of i3D 2015 in the January 2016 newsletter were courtesy of Mauricio Vives. Thank you, Mauricio!

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