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ACM SIGGRAPH Awards Deadline

2016 Award Nomination Deadlines

Each year, ACM SIGGRAPH bestows a small number of awards to members of the computer graphics community, in recognition of exceptional achievements in computer graphics and interactive techniques. ACM SIGGRAPH members are encouraged to submit nominations, but the deadlines are rapidly approaching (December 15 for the Distinguished Artist Award). The 2016 awards program is significant in that it marks the launch of a brand new award: the Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award, which recognizes a recent Ph.D. graduate who has made a notable contribution very early during their doctoral study. For more information, or to submit a nomination, visit the ACM SIGGRAPH awards page.

Science of the Unseen Art Show

Science of the Unseen: Digital Art Perspectives

Submissions open on December 15 for the Digital Arts Community online exhibition, Science of the Unseen: Digital Art Perspectives. In this show, artworks will converge with scientific experiment, illustrating how digital tools can be used to creatively reinterpret the imperceptible. Though interest in DAC art shows has always been high, at the beginning of next year, the Digital Arts Community will initiate a new promotional strategy for their exhibitions, to open them up to an even wider audience -- making this an excellent time to participate. For more information on submitting to Science of the Unseen, visit the call for submissions.

SIGGRAPH 2015 Crowd

XSV Program for SIGGRAPH 2016

The Ex-Student Volunteer (XSV) Program is returning this year to SIGGRAPH, and will be operated by the SIGGRAPH Student Services Committee (S3). Ex-SVs have until Jan 29 to apply for the program; selected applicants will receive full conference registration and personal mentoring. Conference program leaders and ACM SIGGRAPH committee chairs are invited to submit requests for ex-SVs to work with their groups at SIGGRAPH 2016 (deadline: Jan 22). Please contact S3 for more information.

Bogota Conference

Papers Program at Bogotá ACM SIGGRAPH Conference

The Bogotá ACM SIGGRAPH chapter's annual conference, which has historically received more than 3,000 attendees, will include an academic research papers program in 2016. Accepted journal-quality papers will be published in Computers and Graphics. Columbia's Ministry of Information Technology and Communications has agreed to subsidize the conference, and pay travel for delegates with accepted papers and financial need; specifically, South American researchers who have insufficient research funds. Research papers from outside of South America are encouraged, and the call for papers will be available soon.



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