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APRIL 2015

Volunteer for ACM SIGGRAPH

Volunteer for ACM SIGGRAPH

ACM SIGGRAPH volunteers are among the most accomplished and involved computer graphics enthusiasts in the world. Volunteering for ACM SIGGRAPH or one of its annual conferences is an experience that most participants find enormously rewarding -- and for those with career aspirations, is the very definition of effective networking. Volunteer today!

Real-Time Live Deadline Extended

Real-Time Live! at SIGGRAPH is the premier showcase for the most impressive computer graphics experiences rendered in real time. This includes art installations, games, scientific visualization, simulations and more. This year's Real-Time Live! deadline has been extended to April 26, so take advantage of the bump to get your work shown at the world's largest conference on computer graphics. Submit to Real-Time Live now.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts from Real-Time Live! at SIGGRAPH 2014


If you plan to attend FMX 2015 this May (held in cooperation with ACM SIGGRAPH), don't be surprised if you run into a number of prominent ACM SIGGRAPH volunteers. To name a few: Jacki Morie, MK Haley and Ken Perlin will be speaking at the conference; Adam Finkelstein, Paul Debevec, Jon Peddie, Thierry Frey and Terrence Masson are all FMX board members or associates.

Call for ACM SIGGRAPH Standing Committee Chair Nominations

Nominations are now open for the volunteer positions of Chair of the Education Committee and Chair of the Information Services Committee. If you are interested in either position, please contact the Nominations Chair, Scott Owen. Applications are due by May 1. The chairs will be selected by mid-May, and will begin three-year terms on September 1, 2015.

Choose Your ACM SIGGRAPH Leadership

All ACM SIGGRAPH members are requested to cast their vote for the ACM SIGGRAPH elections by June 1. Voting information, including a unique 10-digit pin, was sent to each member on April 13 via email or postal mail.

The slate of candidates is as follows:

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