SAP '17- Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Applied Perception

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How character customization affects learning in computational thinking

Effects of animation retargeting on perceived action outcomes

Don't stand so close to me: investigating the effect of control on the appeal of virtual humans using immersion and a proximity-based behavioral task

Subtle gaze guidance for immersive environments

Age-adapted saliency model with depth bias

The influence of stereoscopic image display on pedestrian road crossing in a large-screen virtual environment

Acquisition of survey knowledge using walking in place and resetting methods in immersive virtual environments

Impact of visual and experiential realism on distance perception in VR using a custom video see-through system

Visual complexity of chinese ink paintings

A visual model for quality driven refinement of global illumination

On the relationship between the force JND and the stiffness JND in haptic perception

Effects of location and fade-in time of (audio-)visual cues on response times and success-rates in a dual-task experiment

Inferring cross-sections of 3D objects: a 3D spatial ability test instrument for 3D volume segmentation