MIG '17- Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Motion in Games

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Crowd sourced co-design of floor plans using simulation guided games

Characterizing the relationship between environment layout and crowd movement using machine learning

SESSION: Deformations

Patch green coordinates based interactive embedded deformable model

Efficient collision detection for example-based deformable bodies

Reclustering for large plasticity in clustered shape matching

SESSION: Interaction and tracking

MechVR: a physics-based proxy for locomotion and interaction in a virtual environment

Accurate online alignment of human motor performances

SESSION: Navigation

Improvements to hierarchical pathfinding for navigation meshes

Busy beeway: a game for testing human-automation collaboration for navigation

SESSION: Character motion

Position-based multi-agent dynamics for real-time crowd simulation

Human character balancing motion generation based on a double inverted pendulum model

Lattice-guided human motion deformation for collision avoidance

SESSION: Character animation

Adult2Child: dynamic scaling laws to create child-like motion

Inverse kinematics problems with exact Hessian matrices

Normalized Euclidean distance matrices for human motion retargeting

SESSION: Perception and cameras

Perceptual evaluation of space in virtual environments

Virtual cinematography using optimization and temporal smoothing

A perceptual evaluation of social interaction with emotes and real-time facial motion capture