DigiPro '16- Proceedings of the 2016 Symposium on Digital Production

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SESSION: Characters

Portable real-time character rigs for virtual reality experiences

How to build a human: practical physics-based character animation

Selective and dynamic cloth fold smoothing with collision resolution

Creating an actor-specific facial rig from performance capture

SESSION: Pipelines and tools

A retrospective on the adoption of the ACES technology at Framestore

Gaffer: an open-source application framework for VFX

Large scale VFX pipelines

Camera tracking in visual effects an industry perspective of structure from motion

SESSION: Case studies

Searching for the interesting stuff in a multi-dimensional parameter space

The Jungle Book: art-directing procedural scatters in rich environments

Volumetric clouds in the VR movie, Allumette

Cross departmental collaboration for FX driven animation in "Alice Through the Looking Glass"