Web3D '17- Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on 3D Web Technology

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SESSION: Web-based 3D visualization

Community-driven extensions to the X3D volume rendering component

x3ogre: connecting X3D to a state of the art rendering engine

Mesh segmentation and texture mapping for dimensional inspection in Web3D

Programming driven 3D modeling on the web

SESSION: Transmission and streaming of 3D content

Evaluating multi-view representations of a Web3D streaming server

Webized 3D content streaming system for autostereoscopic 3D displays

WebTorrent based fine-grained P2P transmission of large-scale WebVR indoor scenes

Progressive high-quality rendering for interactive information cartography using WebGL

SESSION: Web-based 3D environments and systems

A Web3D forest geo-visualization and user interface evaluation

Finding frogs: using game-based learning to increase environmental awareness

Two real-world case studies on 3D web applications for participatory urban planning

Text density and display bandwidth: evaluating scalability by model and experiment

SESSION: Semantic 3D modelling and compression

Semantic model for distributed augmented reality services

Knowledge-based representation of 3D content behavior in a service-oriented virtual environment

3DRepo4Unity: dynamic loading of version controlled 3D assets into the unity game engine

Efficient compression for server-side G-buffer streaming in web applications

SESSION: Searching and retrieval in a web 3D environment

SMULGRAS: a platform for smart multicodal graphics search

Towards browsing repositories of spatially oriented historic photographic images in 3D web environments

3D model indexing in videos for content-based retrieval via X3D-based semantic enrichment and automated reasoning

A workflow for Web3D interactive outdoor scene visualisation

POSTER SESSION: Poster abstract

Visual communication of ecoacoustic data to general audiences: exploring 360° video techniques