Web3D '16- Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Web3D Technology

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glTF streaming from 3D repo to X3DOM

The basic building blocks of declarative 3D on the web

A JSON encoding for X3D

Dynamic 2.5D treemaps using declarative 3D on the web

Connecting VT RDF resources to X3DOM

Virtual training of fire wardens through immersive 3D environments

Interactive gaze driven animation of the eye region

Requirement templates for distributed 3D graphics

Hybrid avatars: enabling co-presence in multiple realities

3DEvent: a framework using event-sourcing approach for 3D web-based collaborative design in P2P

Social street view: blending immersive street views with geo-tagged social media

Open3D: crowd-sourced distributed curation of city models

VirtualOulu: collaborative, immersive and extensible 3D city model on the web

Realtime projective multi-texturing of pointclouds and meshes for a realistic street-view web navigation

Using glTF for streaming CityGML 3D city models

A unified GLTF/X3D extension to bring physically-based rendering to the web

Optimized screen-space ambient occlusion in mobile devices

A framework for server side rendering using OGC's 3D portrayal service

Informational components for mixed and augmented reality content

Web 3D indoor authoring and VR exploration via texture baking service

Webizing 3D contents for super multiview autostereoscopic displays with varying display profiles

Video fields: fusing multiple surveillance videos into a dynamic virtual environment

Product customisation: virtual reality and new opportunities for luxury brands online trading

A method of defining modeling data for representing 3D facial expression

Virtual reality for conservation

Extensible experiences: fusality for stream and field

A plant engineering "digital rosetta stone": towards data-centric multidimensional CAD web portal

A novel level-of-detail technique for virtual city environments

Web-based molecular graphics for large complexes

Tradeoffs in multi-channel microscopy volume visualization: an initial evaluation