VRST '15- Proceedings of the 21st ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology

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SESSION: Motion in VR

Indoor skydiving in immersive virtual reality with embedded storytelling

Walking on foot to explore a virtual environment with uneven terrain

SESSION: Rendering & ray tracing

Efficient intrinsic image decomposition for RGBD images

Vector solid texture synthesis using two-scale shaping model

Direct lighting on meso-structured surfaces with area light sources

GPU ray-traced collision detection for cloth simulation

SESSION: Multimodal interaction

Head-mounted display with mid-air tactile feedback

TouchSketch: a touch-based interface for 3D object manipulation and editing

Virtual reality based laparoscopic surgery simulation

Interactive virtual percussion instruments on mobile devices

SESSION: Animation & simulation

High quality compatible triangulations for 2D shape morphing

Procedural techniques for simulating the growth of plant leaves and adapting venation patterns

A novel integrated analysis-and-simulation approach for detail enhancement in FLIP fluid interaction

Adaptive level set for fluid surface tracking

SESSION: Application

VR system for rehabilitation based on hand gestural and olfactory interaction

A real time haptic simulator of spine surgeries

SESSION: Projection systems & MotCap

Embodied interaction using non-planar projections in immersive virtual reality

Optimal camera placement for motion capture systems in the presence of dynamic occlusion

Realizing a low-latency virtual reality environment for motor learning

Dynamic projection mapping onto a deformable object with occlusion based on high-speed tracking of dot marker array

SESSION: Crowds & human

Simulating high-DOF human-like agents using hierarchical feedback planner

Adding sociality to virtual pedestrian groups

Collaborative navigation in virtual worlds: how gender and game experience influence user behavior

Video driven pedestrian visualization with characteristic appearances

Modeling spatial relations of human body parts for indexing and retrieving close character interactions

POSTER SESSION: Poster abstracts

Evaluating the effects of competition vs collaboration on user engagement in an immersive game using natural interaction

A streaming framework for instant 3D rendering and interaction

Contributing to VRPN with a new server for haptic devices

The effect of vibration and low-frequency audio on full-body haptic sensations

Augmented reality for collision warning and path guide in a vehicle

Local context based recognition + internet of things: complementary infrastructures for future generic mixed reality space

Tele-augmentation for remote AR coaching

Resolving view difference between eye and camera for proprioceptive pointing and selection in augmented reality applications

Real-time adjustment of contrast saliency for improved information visibility in mobile augmented reality

An imitation-based approach to represent common ground in a virtual basketball agent team mate

Robust image/video super-resolution display

Interactive volumetric segmentation through least-squares optimization of local hessian-constrained implicits

Color correspondence of image warping using plane constraints

Flexible point handles metaphor for character deformation

Evaluating warped projection cameras

SESSION: Telepresence & immersion

Evaluation of factors affecting distance perception in architectural project review in immersive virtual environments

JackIn head: immersive visual telepresence system with omnidirectional wearable camera for remote collaboration

Distortion score based pose selection for 3D tele-immersion

Augmented reality-aided tele-presence system for robot manipulation in industrial manufacturing