VRCAI '16- Proceedings of the 3rd Asia-Europe Symposium on Simulation & Serious Gaming

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SESSION: Simulations and serious games in science education

A model-based inquiry approach to explore system dynamics and modeling aspects of the prey-predator system

A serious game for interactive teaching of Newton's laws

VR biology, an interdisciplinary and international student project towards an inquiry-based pedagogy

Reflections from research: some considerations for the design of educational simulations (and games)

Interactive learning system "VisMis" for scientific visualization course

Analysis of hot spots and themes on virtual reality technology study in education

SESSION: Immersive and augmented reality technology in education, including special needs education

MAGIS: mobile augmented-reality games for instructional support

Digital tools for enriching informal inquiry-based mobile learning: the design of the TraceReaders location-based augmented reality learning platform

Migration and evaluation of a framework for developing embodied cognition learning games

Research and application of running action sequence recognition algorithms based on kinect

Challenges and solutions of motion sensing games for autism education

Virtual reality enhanced pink dolphin game for children with ASD