VRCAI '16- Proceedings of the 15th ACM SIGGRAPH Conference on Virtual-Reality Continuum and Its Applications in Industry - Volume 1

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SESSION: Mixed reality

SAVE: shared augmented virtual environment for real-time mixed reality applications

Passive haptics based MR system for geography teaching

Mixed reality based interaction system for digital heritage

FPGA design & implementation of a very-low-latency video-see-through (VLLV) head-mount display (HMD) system for mixed reality (MR) applications

Real-time head pose estimation for driver assistance system using low-cost on-board computer

A mixed-reality museum tourism framework based on HMD and fisheye camera

SESSION: Rendering I

An inverse rendering approach for heterogeneous translucent materials

Motion simulation of wet cloth on contact surface considering air effects and humidity

SESSION: Rendering I

Rectangular stable power-aware mobile projection on planar surfaces

Research on simulation system of welding robot in Unity3d

A framework of face synthesis based on multilinear analysis

Quad-tree spatial index for dynamic allocation of sea ice modeling in ice navigation simulator

SESSION: Interaction I

A two-dimensional editing system based on hand gestures and real object manipulation using RGB-D sensor

DovCut: a draft based online video compositing system

Semantic framework for interactive animation generation

Interaction in marker-less augmented reality based on hand detection using leap motion

A mesh-insensitive elastic model for simulation of solid bodies

A small scene assistant maintenance system based on optical see-through augmented reality

SESSION: Application I

MDIS cloth system: virtual reality technology for firefighter training

Modeling and simulation of the trawl in fishing simulator


A novel method for short-time human activity recognition based on improved template matching technique

VR locomotion: walking > walking in place > arm swinging

SESSION: Modeling I

Crowd formation via hierarchical planning

Automated brain extraction and associated 3D inspection layers for the Rhesus macaque MRI datasets

Geodesic histogram based 3D deformable shape correspondence

Making decision for the next step in dense crowd simulation using support vector machines

Simulating group formation and behaviour in dense crowd


Real-time human action recognition using individual body part locations and local joints structure

Real-time video stylization using spatial-temporal gabor filtering

Real-time full-body motion reconstruction and recognition for off-the-shelf VR devices


Haptic mirror: a platform for active exploration of facial expressions and social interaction by individuals who are blind

A novel bagged particle filter for object tracking

SESSION: Modeling II

Interactive modeling and editing of free-form surfaces from curve networks

Gap connection of vascular branches by nonlinear least squares curve fitting algorithm

User guided 3D scene enrichment

Automatic planar shape segmentation from indoor point clouds

Point cloud registration by discrete spin image and normal alignment radial feature

An immersive approach to the visual exploration of geospatial network datasets

SESSION: Application II

Position based balloon angioplasty

An improved ANN search algorithm for visual search applications

Virtual reality technology based developmental designs of multiplayer-interaction-supporting exhibits of science museums: taking the exhibit of "virtual experience on an aircraft carrier" in China science and technology museum as an example

Short-time activity recognition with wearable sensors using convolutional neural network

SESSION: Rendering II

Visualizing brightness temperature data of king crater area with CELMS

Illumination invariant mesh coloring

An automatic positioning algorithm for archaeological fragments

Research on camouflage effect evaluation method of moving object based on video

An accurate multi-sensor fusion measurement method for marker-free augmented reality system

A bio-inspired image local feature representation based on vision network model

SESSION: Interaction II

VRMController: an input device for navigation activities in virtual reality environments

Glance: generalized geometric primitives and transformations for information visualization in AR/VR environments

Evaluating virtual reality experience and performance: a brain based approach

Facial expressions recognition based on convolutional neural networks for mobile virtual reality

Temporal clustering of motion capture data with optimal partitioning