VRCAI '15- Proceedings of the 14th ACM SIGGRAPH International Conference on Virtual Reality Continuum and its Applications in Industry

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SESSION: Simulation

Adsorptive SPH for directable bleeding simulation

Particle-based ice freezing simulation

Fluid absorption and diffusion in and between porous materials

SESSION: Rendering

A wavelet based all-frequency environment lighting rendering method

Controllable region via texture projection for stylized shading

Real-time human vision rendering using blur distribution function

SESSION: Geometry

WebVis_BIM: real time web3D visualization of big BIM data

A sketch-based system for cloud volume retrieval from simulated dataset for realistic image synthesis

SESSION: Virtual humans

CHASE: character animation scripting environment

Exploitation of novel multiplayer gesture-based interaction and virtual puppetry for digital storytelling to develop children's narrative skills

Key pose deformations in changing the 3D character motion style

SESSION: Image and vision

Automatic face caricatures synthesis and exaggeration

Efficient color-to-gray conversion for digital images in gradient domain

Line-based single view 3D reconstruction in Manhattan world for augmented reality

SESSION: Animation

Real traffic data-driven animation simulation

The study of real-time animation of forest scene in wind projection