UIST '17- Adjunct Publication of the 30th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology

Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library

SESSION: Demonstrations

Multiplanes: Assisted Freehand VR Drawing

SkinBot: A Wearable Skin Climbing Robot

CritiqueKit: A Mixed-Initiative, Real-Time Interface For Improving Feedback

Designing Vibrotactile Widgets with Printed Actuators and Sensors

Eye Tracking Using Built-in Camera for Smartphone-based HMD

PhyShare: Sharing Physical Interaction in Virtual Reality

Creating Haptic Illusion of Compliance for Tangential Force Input using Vibrotactile Actuator

Mobile Brain-Computer Interface for Dance and Somatic Practice

Hand Development Kit: Soft Robotic Fingers as Prosthetic Augmentation of the Hand

Tactile Element with Double-sided Inkjet Printing to Generate Electrostatic Forces and Electrostimuli

Printing System Reflecting User's Intent in Real Time Using a Handheld Printer

Filum: A Sewing Technique to Alter Textile Shapes

Demonstrating TrussFab's Editor: Designing Sturdy Large-Scale Structures

Demonstrating Interactive Systems based on Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Attaching Objects to Smartphones Back Side for a Modular Interface

HaptI/O: Physical Node for the Internet of Haptics

Sonoliards: Rendering Audible Sound Spots by Reflecting the Ultrasound Beams

Atypical: A Type System for Live Performances

AccelTag: A Passive Smart ID Tag with Acceleration Sensor for Interactive Applications

Feeling Fireworks

JDLED: Towards Visio-Tactile Displays Based on Electrochemical Locomotion of Liquid-Metal Janus Droplets

Ultrasonic Cuisine: Proposal of Ultrasonic Non-contact Stirring Methods

GestAKey: Get More Done with Just-a-Key on a Keyboard

shapeShift: A Mobile Tabletop Shape Display for Tangible and Haptic Interaction

Playful Interactions with Body Channel Communication: Conquer it!

SESSION: Doctoral Consortium

Shall We Fabricate?: Collaborative, Bidirectional, Incremental Fabrication

Fading into the Background: Unleashing Ubiquitous and Unobtrusive Context Sensing

Wind Tactor: An Airflow-based Wearable Tactile Display

Hybrid Use of Asynchronous and Synchronous Interaction for Collaborative Creation

Interacting with Acoustic Simulation and Fabrication

Enabling Sensing and Interaction with Everyday Objects

Optically Dynamic Interfaces

Systems for Improving Online Discussion

SESSION: Poster Presentations

HapticDrone: An Encountered-Type Kinesthetic Haptic Interface with Controllable Force Feedback: Initial Example for 1D Haptic Feedback

Ani-Bot: A Mixed-Reality Modular Robotics System

A Thermally Enhanced Weather Checking System in VR

The Feedback Block Model for an Adaptive E-Book

Jaguar: Indoor Navigation System for Organizations

Contour: An Efficient Voice-enabled Workflow for Producing Text-to-Speech Content

Raising the Heat: Electrical Muscle Stimulation for Simulated Heat Withdrawal Response

Grip Force Estimation by Emitting Vibration

Towards Intermanual Apparent Motion of Thermal Pulses

GraspForm: Shape and Hardness Rendering on Handheld Device toward Universal Interface for 3D Haptic TV

Designing 3D-Printed Deformation Behaviors Using Spring-Based Structures: An Initial Investigation

Evorus: A Crowd-powered Conversational Assistant That Automates Itself Over Time

Information Identification Support Method for Areas with Densely Located Signboards

EYE DEAR: Smartphone Text Resizing Interaction for the Eye Health of the Presbyopia Population

Automatically Visualizing Audio Travel Podcasts

Projective Windows: Arranging Windows in Space Using Projective Geometry

"Smellization" of Warnings against Overuse Power used to Promote Energy Saving Behavior

Walk-In Music: Walking Experience with Synchronized Music and Its Effect of Pseudo-gravity

Grouping Applications Using Geometrical Information of Applications on Tabletop Systems

Non-Linear Editor for Text-Based Screencast

Exploring of Simulating Passing through Feeling on the Wrist: Using Thermal Feedback

A Digital Pen and Paper Email System for Older Adults

Auditory Overview of Web Pages for Screen Reader Users

An EEG-based Adaptive Training System for ASD Children

KinToon: A Kinect Facial Projector for Communication Enhancement for ASD Children