CAE '17- Proceedings of the symposium on Computational Aesthetics

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SESSION: Brushes

FlowBrush: optical flow art

SESSION: 3D (the third dimension)

Polygons, points, or voxels?: stimuli selection for crowdsourcing aesthetics preferences of 3D shape pairs

Soft shadow art

SESSION: Abstraction

Organized order in ornamentation

Detail and color enhancement in photo stylization

SESSION: Image BCC (benchmarking, coloring, and clustering)

Context-aware clustering and assessment of photo collections

SESSION: General submissions (abstracts)

A taxonomy of motion applications in data visualization

Shading with painterly filtered layers: a technique to obtain painterly portrait animations

Modeling go: a mobile sketch-based modeling system for extracting objects

Characterizing user behavior for speech and sketch-based video retrieval interfaces

Sketch and shade: an interactive assistant for sketching and shading