SAP '16- Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Applied Perception

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FrankenFolk: distinctiveness and attractiveness of voice and motion

User, metric, and computational evaluation of foveated rendering methods

Is the motion of a child perceivably different from the motion of an adult?

Binocular eye tracking calibration during a virtual ball catching task using head mounted display

Perceptual constancy of mechanical properties of cloth under variation of external forces

Perception of lighting and shading for animated virtual characters

Predicting destination using head orientation and gaze direction during locomotion in VR

Do I trust you, abstract creature?: a study on personality perception of abstract virtual faces

Evaluating human gaze patterns during grasping tasks: robot versus human hand

The effects of artificially reduced field of view and peripheral frame stimulation on distance judgments in HMDs

Action coordination with agents: crossing roads with a computer-generated character in a virtual environment

Learning a human-perceived softness measure of virtual 3D objects

Need a hand?: how appearance affects the virtual hand illusion

Psychoacoustic characterization of propagation effects in virtual environments

Animated versus static views of steady flow patterns

An empirical evaluation of visuo-haptic feedback on physical reaching behaviors during 3D interaction in real and immersive virtual environments

Enhancing stress management techniques using virtual reality

Decoupling light reflex from pupillary dilation to measure emotional arousal in videos

Emotion recognition in autism spectrum disorder: does stylization help?

Looking at faces: autonomous perspective invariant facial gaze analysis

Revisiting detection thresholds for redirected walking: combining translation and curvature gains

Seeing jelly: judging elasticity of a transparent object

Analyzing gaze synchrony in cinema: a pilot study

Automatic scanpath generation with deep recurrent neural networks

Binocular tone reproduction display for an HDR panorama image

Color appearance modeling in augmented reality

Embodied visuo-locomotive experience analysis: immersive reality based summarisation of experiments in environment-behaviour studies

Exploring users' perceived activities in a sketch-based intelligent tutoring system through eye movement data

How experts' mental model affects 3D image segmentation

Learning movements from a virtual instructor

Leveraging gaze data for segmentation and effects on comics

Measuring viewers' heart rate response to environment conservation videos

Perception of drowsiness based on correlation with facial image features

Saliency and optical flow for gaze guidance in videos

Scan path and movie trailers for implicit annotation of videos

The perception of symmetry in the moving image: multi-level computational analysis of cinematographic scene structure and its visual reception

User sensitivity to speed- and height-mismatch in VR