MIG '16- Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Motion in Games

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SESSION: Controls & interfaces

Robust online motion capture labeling of finger markers

An event-centric approach to authoring stories in crowds

Gestural motion editing using mobile devices

SESSION: Simulations & geometry 1

Simulating visual geometry

MOF: creating an educational game on nanotechnology through simulation-driven optimization

XPBD: position-based simulation of compliant constrained dynamics

A robust method to extract the rotational part of deformations

SESSION: Simulations & geometry 2

Space-time sculpting of liquid animation

Improving blendshape performance for crowds with GPU and GPGPU techniques

Projective fluids

3D hair model from small set of images

SESSION: Environments

A comparative study of navigation meshes

Separating a walkable environment into layers

Full-body behavioral path planning in cluttered environments

SESSION: Human motion 1

Anatomical mirroring: real-time user-specific anatomy in motion using a commodity depth camera

Human action recognition via skeletal and depth based feature fusion

Ballistic motion planning for jumping superheroes

Scaled functional principal component analysis for human motion synthesis

SESSION: Human Motion 2

SkillVis: a visualization tool for boxing skill assessment

Introducing postural variability improves the distribution of muscular loads during mid-air gestural interaction

Behavioural facial animation using motion graphs and mind maps

SESSION: Perception & user analysis

The effect of operating a virtual doppleganger in a 3D simulation

Perceiving attitudes expressed through nonverbal behaviors in immersive virtual environments

Study comparing video-based characters and 3D-based characters on mobile devices for chat

Crowd appearance affects player performance in game combat scenarios


A data-driven method for variation in animated smiles: extended abstract

A pilot study of comparison gesture analysis in motion driven video games

An interactive human morphing system with self-occlusion enhancement

Confluence: visualizing social physics for interactive narrative

Curvature and speed for balance quantification during exergaming

Identifying virtual episodes based on character animation traces

KINDLING: a game platform for crowd-sourcing fire evacuation data