SA '15- Proceedings of the 8th ACM SIGGRAPH Conference on Motion in Games

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SESSION: Character animation and motion-capture

Reduced marker layouts for optical motion capture of hands

Adaptation procedure for HMM-based sensor-dependent gesture recognition

Segmenting motion capture data using a qualitative analysis

Optimal marker set for motion capture of dynamical facial expressions

Deep signatures for indexing and retrieval in large motion databases

SESSION: Character animation

Eye movement synthesis with 1/f pink noise

Avatar reshaping and automatic rigging using a deformable model

Motion control via muscle synergies: application to throwing

A closed-form solution for human finger positioning


DAVIS: density-adaptive synthetic-vision based steering for virtual crowds

An analysis of manoeuvring in dense crowds

Evaluating and optimizing level of service for crowd evacuations

ACCLMesh: curvature-based navigation mesh generation

SESSION: Planning

Automated interactive narrative synthesis using dramatic theory

RT-RRT: a real-time path planning algorithm based on RRT

Multi-modal data-driven motion planning and synthesis

SESSION: Simulation

Interactive detailed cutting of thin sheets

Pattern-guided simulations of immersed rigid bodies

Interactive procedural simulation of paper tearing with sound

Camera-on-rails: automated computation of constrained camera paths

SESSION: Taking control

The sea is your mirror

Crowd art: density and flow based crowd motion design

Real-time gait control for partially immersed bipeds

Robust balance shift control with posture optimization

Carpet unrolling for character control on uneven terrain

SESSION: Collisions

Clustering and collision detection for clustered shape matching

Fast contact determination for intersecting deformable solids

Collision detection for articulated deformable characters

SESSION: Realism, aesthetics, visualization and registration

Animation realism affects perceived character appeal of a self-virtual face

Fin textures for real-time painterly aesthetics

HeapCraft: interactive data exploration and visualization tools for understanding and influencing player behavior in Minecraft

Automatic and adaptable registration of live RGBD video streams