I3D '17- Proceedings of the 21st ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games

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SESSION: Tiling, probing, and culling

Tiled light trees

Real-time global illumination using precomputed light field probes

SESSION: Deformations and collisions

Interactive cage generation for mesh deformation

Parallel continuous collision detection for high-performance GPU cluster

SESSION: Real-time rendering

Real-time fiber-level cloth rendering

Responsive real-time grass rendering for general 3D scenes

Hashed alpha testing

SESSION: Sketch- and feature-based modeling

How2Sketch: generating easy-to-follow tutorials for sketching 3D objects

Sketch-based guided modeling of 3D buildings from oriented photos

Feature-based volumetric terrain generation

SESSION: Triangulation, fluids, and volumes

Computing delaunay refinement using the GPU

Real-time high-quality surface rendering for large scale particle-based fluids

SESSION: Compression and displays

Compressing color data for voxelized surface geometry

MPTC: video rendering for virtual screens using compressed textures

Scene-adaptive high dynamic range display for low latency augmented reality

SESSION: Ray tracing acceleration structures and kernels

Path compression kd-trees with multi-layer parallel construction a case study on ray tracing

POSTER SESSION: Poster abstracts

ANEEME: interactive mesh cutting using 3D snakes for automatic skeletal rigging of scanned character models

Animating escape maneuvers for a school of fish

Real-time procedural generation of a growing corn model

Real-time sound propagation hardware accelerator for immersive virtual reality 3D audio

Textured splat based rendering for stylized shading

Towards imperceptible redirected walking: integrating a distractor into the immersive experience