I3D '16- Proceedings of the 20th ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games

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SESSION: Geometry

SSVDAGs: symmetry-aware sparse voxel DAGs

Exploiting coherence in time-varying voxel data

Triangle reordering for reduced overdraw in animated scenes

SESSION: Animation

Precision: precomputing environment semantics for contact-rich character animation

Dynamically balanced and plausible trajectory planning for human-like characters

Path patterns: analyzing and comparing real and simulated crowds

Real-time hair mesh simulation

SESSION: Simulation

Ductile fracture for clustered shape matching

Adaptive impulse response modeling for interactive sound propagation

Interactive modal sound synthesis using generalized proportional damping

SESSION: Interaction

Barehanded music: real-time hand interaction for virtual piano

Augmented reality instruction for object assembly based on markerless tracking

Data-driven adaptive history for image editing

SESSION: Illumination

Accurate analytic approximations for real-time specular area lighting

Sequential Monte Carlo instant radiosity

Precomputed illuminance composition for real-time global illumination

SESSION: Rendering

Real-time rendering of procedural multiscale materials

A phenomenological scattering model for order-independent transparency

Beyond hard shadows: moment shadow maps for single scattering, soft shadows and translucent occluders

A multiview and multilayer approach for interactive ray tracing

POSTER SESSION: Poster abstracts

A framework to transform in-core GPU algorithms to out-of-core algorithms

A simulation on grass swaying with dynamic wind force

A stochastic and scalable approach for real-time global illumination

A technique for matching convergence and accommodation in a fixed screen 3D VR HMD

Adaptive deferred shading

Compact stokes coordinates for cage-based shapes

Disocclusion mitigation for point cloud imposters

Extended TimeWarp latency compensation for virtual reality

Hardware accelerated mesh colors

Natural user interface for integral photography of dispersion-rendered diamond

Pressure-based touch positioning techniques for 3D objects

Progressive photon mapping with sample elimination

Progressive streaming of textured 3D models in a web browser

RGB-D IBR: rendering indoor scenes using sparse RGB-D images with local alignments

Virtually transforming detect: moving a 2-D gamified health assessment to virtual reality