HPG '17- Proceedings of High Performance Graphics

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SESSION: Real-time ray tracing and image reconstruction

Interactive stable ray tracing

Spatiotemporal variance-guided filtering: real-time reconstruction for path-traced global illumination

An efficient denoising algorithm for global illumination

SESSION: Ray traversal and intersection

Efficient incoherent ray traversal on GPUs through compressed wide BVHs

Exploiting Budan-Fourier and Vincent's theorems for ray tracing 3D Bézier curves

Accelerated single ray tracing for wide vector units

SESSION: Acceleration structures for ray tracing

Improved two-level BVHs using partial re-braiding

STBVH: a spatial-temporal BVH for efficient multi-segment motion blur

Extended Morton codes for high performance bounding volume hierarchy construction

SESSION: Ray tracing for production assets

Vectorized production path tracing

Timeline scheduling for out-of-core ray batching

SESSION: Specialized hardware architectures

Dual streaming for hardware-accelerated ray tracing

A hardware-friendly bilateral solver for real-time virtual reality video

Effective static bin patterns for sort-middle rendering

SESSION: Real-time graphics techniques

Non-linearly quantized moment shadow maps

Fast maximal Poisson-disk sampling by randomized tiling

Mesh color textures

Hierarchical multi-layer screen-space ray tracing