SCF '17- Proceedings of the 1st Annual ACM Symposium on Computational Fabrication

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SESSION: Screens, display technology

Directional screens

3D hatching: linear halftoning for dual extrusion fused deposition modeling

LightTrace: auto-router for designing LED based applications with conductive inkjet printing

SESSION: Design tools, making

Turning coders into makers: the promise of embedded design generation

Bend-a-rule: a fabrication-based workflow for 3D planar contour acquisition

Task-based design of cable-driven articulated mechanisms

SPIROU: constrained exploration for mechanical motion design

POSTER SESSION: Poster abstracts

3D color contoning

A framework for tool path optimization in fused filament fabrication

Architecture through the looking glass: augmenting fabrication in the built environment

Direct and immediate drawing with CNC machines

Early explorations of deformable interactive designs with 3D-printed springs

Mobile fabrication: connect to the environment

Lost-PLA casting: hands-on material science

Place management of electrodes for embedding capacitive multi-touch sensor on 3D printed surfaces

Shape optimization of fabricated transparent layer for pixel density uniformalization in non-planar rear projection

Suited for performance: fast full-scale replication of athlete with FDM