SCA '17- Proceedings of the ACM SIGGRAPH / Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation

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Density maps for improved SPH boundary handling

Fully asynchronous SPH simulation

Evaporation and condensation of SPH-based fluids

A micropolar material model for turbulent SPH fluids


Physically-based droplet interaction

Hierarchical vorticity skeletons

A positive-definite cut-cell method for strong two-way coupling between fluids and deformable bodies

SESSION: Kinematic characters

Authoring motion cycles

Emotion control of unstructured dance movements

Production-level facial performance capture using deep convolutional neural networks

SESSION: Physics-based characters

Augmenting sampling based controllers with machine learning

Learning locomotion skills using DeepRL: does the choice of action space matter?

SESSION: Rigid bodies, chains & trees

Rigid body contact problems using proximal operators

Long range constraints for rigid body simulations

Designing cable-driven actuation networks for kinematic chains and trees


Inequality cloth

Modeling and data-driven parameter estimation for woven fabrics

POSTER SESSION: Poster abstracts

Attachment-based character deformation

Automated regression tests for character animation systems

Comparing traditional key frame and hybrid animation

Coordinating full-body interactions with the environment

Cubification and animation of artistic shapes

Human grasping interaction capture and analysis

Marionette show using quadrotors

Motion retargeting to preserve spatial relationship between skinned characters

Online compression of rigid body simulations using physics-inspired interpolation

Position-based multi-agent dynamics for real-time crowd simulation

Regression-based locating landmark on dynamic humans

Sketch-based 3D hair posing by contour drawings

The stretch-engine: a method for adjusting the exaggeration of bipedal characters through squash and stretch

Understanding spatial perception and visual modes in the review of architectural designs

Volumetric muscle controller