SIGGRAPH University

Dedicated to fostering advancement in the computer graphics industry

SIGGRAPH University provides online learning and mentorship resources to help all levels of professionals advance in their career.

The vision of SIGGRAPH University, which is currently in development, is to serve as the hub for all things learning related within the ACM SIGGRAPH community. Providing computer graphics resources to students and professionals around the world, SIGGRAPH University is promoting accessible education to further the advancement of the ACM SIGGRAPH community.

Our Initiatives


Learn from SIGGRAPH experts with curated computer graphics course curriculum.


Connect with the best experts in the SIGGRAPH community for one-on-one reviews on your work and career guidance.


Join weekly live SIGGRAPH University sessions for career development.

Career Development

Access free resources and events for help at any stage of your career.

SIGGRAPH University’s focus areas include foundations, games, animation, vfx, art, and design. Learn from the best experts at SIGGRAPH.

We’re Just Getting Started

SIGGRAPH volunteers are from all over the world, dedicated to one cause — elevating professionals in the computer graphics community.