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The primary means for searching the ACM SIGGRAPH website is via the Google search form at right. This service, courtesy of Google via their university search program, uses the Google search database but restricts results to documents lying on the ACM SIGGRAPH websites.

ACM SIGGRAPH does not run a local search service at this time. We have in the past, but found that Google's search database provided better coverage. Nevertheless, we hope to supplement search with a local search engine again in the future.

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If you are looking for a resource on the site but are not sure of the words used to describe it, you might want to look through our site map.

Some ways of searching subsets of the site are listed below.

Search Computer Graphics Bibliography Database

Click here to search the biliography database, containing 10,000+ references to bibliography entries in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Search Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques Links

Click here to search the CG-related links indexed here at


Leo Hourvitz, Website Volunteer

Last updated: December 30, 2001