To help you in finding a place for dinner on Saturday, August 6, we've put together a list of recommended restaurants---good places to eat that are an easy trip from UBC (one reasonable bus ride + short walk), off campus but offering a different side to Vancouver than the downtown area where SIGGRAPH will be held. For help with the bus system, Translink has a trip planner, bus routes, etc.

Jump to Granville Island, Fourth Avenue, or Broadway restaurants.

Granville Island

This unique spot next to downtown, tucked under the Granville St. Bridge, has some great restaurants, shops, water access, views, a farmer's market, and more. Take either the #4 or #84 bus to Fir St. and 4th Ave, then walk down the hill to Granville Island.

Note that the annual fireworks festival will be taking place at this time, and Granville Island is a prime viewing location — finding a place to eat without a reservation could be tricky, but if you are there take advantage of the show!

West 4th Avenue

West 4th is a great street running from UBC through the Kitsilano neighbourhood. Buses #4 and #84 run along here from UBC. The restaurants are listed in order of distance from UBC.

Broadway and neighbours

Broadway (and its continuation 10th Avenue West) is a major street extending east from UBC all the way through Vancouver, with plenty of great spots. Buses from UBC include the #99 express and the #9. Restaurants are listed in order of distance from UBC.