SCA '09: "Moving Research"

August 1-2, 2009


Posters and Demos

A poster and demo presentation is the perfect opportunity for authors to display and discuss late-breaking technical achievements that are either not ready or not suitable for publication as full papers.

The poster and demo session will be an integral part of the SCA program, with specific time allotted for poster presenters and symposium participants to view and discuss the work. A pamphlet containing summaries of the posters will be distributed to all participants, and all presenters will have the opportunity to give a one-minute description of their work during a poster fast-forward session.


Poster presentations are not formal publications, so work submitted as a poster is still eligible for later publication in a journal or conference proceedings.

We encourage any of the following types of poster submissions:

  • Up and coming computer animation research;
  • Technically novel production work;
  • Work done outside of SCA that would be of interest to the computer animation community, including animation-related works recently accepted to other conferences such as I3D or NPAR, or the SIGGRAPH late breaking program;
  • Lab overviews which present a snapshot of the ongoing animation-related research at a given institution;
  • Work with high potential that is not accepted to the SCA papers program (submission by invitation).

Please note that in order to maintain the quality of discussions and interactivity at the poster session, there must be at least one dedicated presenter for each poster.


The submission for a poster should consist of a summary of no more than 2 pages in length. Each submission must be saved as PDF and formatted according to the EG publication style (see the notes on formating articles on the submission instructions page). Submissions must be camera-ready. This means that author names must be present in the submission. The review process will be single blind.

Supplementary Materials

The submission of supplementary materials is not required; however, a draft of the poster in PDF format is encouraged. For the final presentation, videos and interactive demonstrations are also highly encouraged. We will provide electrical outlets and tables so that authors can display such demonstrations using their own equipment.

Electronic Submission

All PDF poster summaries should be submitted via email to by the deadline. Due to GMails limits, each email message must be less than 10MB. If this is not sufficient for your submission or supplemental materials, you may send your submission in parts as attachments to several emails. For supplemental materials, links to external websites are also allowable.

Fast Forward Slide

Authors of accepted posters will be required to provide a PowerPoint slide describing their work for the poster fast forward presentation session. Details about preparation of the slide will be provided later via email to accepted presenters.

Important Dates

  • 3 July 2009: Deadline for posters
  • 10 July 2009: Notification of acceptance for posters and deadline for invited posters