SCA '09: "Moving Research"

August 1-2, 2009


The proceedings of SCA 2009 will be available through both ACM and Eurographics digital Libraries. Due to the agreement between SIGGRAPH and Eurographics, the proceedings will be published in EG format and you will be required to sign the ACM copyright form if your submission is accepted.

ACCOUNT: In order to submit your paper you need to set up an account in our review system at

PAPER SUBMISSION: For your paper submission, you will upload a pdf file to your account. Format information appears below. We recommend uploading the article and additional material early. You can always replace a previous upload by a new one; we consider the submissions only after the deadline. Paper Deadline: May 19, 6 pm EDT (UTC-4)

ARTICLE FORMATTING: The paper format for submissions should follow the guidelines for Eurographics Workshops with the proceedings to be published in the US. The details of this are described here:

and the corresponding set of LaTeX style files can be found here:

The style file contains all the elements for editing your submission with LaTeX. If you choose to not use LateX, you must strictly follow the format indication given in the guidelines above.

ADDITIONAL MATERIAL: Additional files for animation, images, etc. can be uploaded on your account up to a total submission size of 40 MB, including the article. We strongly encourage QuickTime MPEG-4 or DivX Version 6, and for still images, we strongly encourage TIFF, JPG, or PNG. If you use another format, you are not guaranteed that reviewers can view them. In preparing videos, please choose a reasonable frame size and rate, and be advised that it may be difficult to upload or download very large files.


10 July 2009 Checklist

  • Submit an ACM copyright form as described below.
  • Upload the final copy of the paper, compiled with the style files available [here], to PrecisionConference.
  • Upload the final video, encoded with H.264 in QuickTime format, 5min or shorter, to PrecisionConference.

Copyright form
The copyright form is available here. Please sign and print your name and the date in Part I. -- If there is third-party material in the papers, you must secure permission to use the material, provide documentation of the permission, and complete Part III of the form. Please FAX one completed form for each paper to the attention of Stephen Spencer at +1-206-543-2969 *or* scan in the completed form and e-mail the pages to Stephen’s attention at

Final paper
Your final copy should incorporate reviewer and committee feedback. Final copies that include substantial post submission-deadline (therefore not reviewed) material will be held to scrutiny---consult the chairs in advance.

Please use the Eurographics LaTeX style files. The proceedings will be archived in the ACM Digital Library in full color. The use of hyperlinks in the reference section (each reference is followed by link(s) to the location(s) where it is cited) is encouraged.

Please set your page size to be A4 for the submitted pdf file. The provided LaTeX style files will automatically generate the correct device independent (.dvi) file, but some users (especially in North America) may find that their converters from .dvi may default to "letter" sizes, and need to explicitly specify the output paper type.

For example, with the popular dvips program, you would say dvips -t a4 -Ppdf -G0 -o mypaper.dvi

Please ensure that all typefaces used in the document are embedded in the PDF; refer to for instructions. If you cannot produce a pdf with embedded typefaces, contact us in advance about accommodating a postscript file.

Video, multimedia, software
Additional video, multimedia, software, and other supplementary material should be submitted via PrecisionConference.

Please limit videos to four minutes in length. Use the H.264 compression algorithm in QuickTime Pro to comopress the video. In our experience it is efficient and free of most artifacts, but please check your video carefully for quality. If you have more than 5min of material, contact us well in advance about making accommodations for second video.

Upload the final paper and video to the PrecisionConference system.

Please advise the chairs if you plan to submit non-video material.