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Explore the online registration process. At any point before the last step in the process, you can easily change the information in your form without making a registration commitment. See the registration instructions on this page.
If you register online, please:
* Complete all sections of the registration form.
* Send your completed online form to SIGGRAPH 99 by following the instructions on the form.
* Be sure to print a copy of your SIGGRAPH 99 proof of submission to verify that your registration was successfully submitted. After you submit your online registration form, you will receive email confirmation within 24 hours.
Online registrations will be acknowledged after 1 April.
Fax/Mail Registration
Review the registration instructions, then download the registration form, print it, fill it out, and send it via postal or courier service to SIGGRAPH 99.
Mail form and payment to:
P.O. Box 95316
Chicago, Illinois 60694-5316
Fax the registration form with credit card information to:
Registration Instructions (for online  and fax/mail registration)
part 1
Attendee Information
You must be 16 years of age or older to register.
Member Rate
If you are currently an ACM or SIGGRAPH member, you are eligible for member discounts. You must provide your current ACM or SIGGRAPH membership number in order to receive the discount, otherwise you will be charged the non-member rate. Local or regional SIGGRAPH memberships are not eligible for registration discounts.
You must be a full-time student in order to qualify. If you register via fax or mail, you must attach copies of the following to your registration form to qualify for student rates. If you register online, copies of the following must be faxed to: +1.312.321.6876. If you register at the conference, you must have copies of the following with you when you arrive at registration.
* Your 1999 ACM student membership card OR
* Your valid 1999 student identification card AND a letter on school letterhead verifying you are a student. The letter must include your registrar's name, address and phone number so we can verify your student status.
If you do not follow the above instructions, you will not receive the student discount and will be charged the non-member rate. In addition, when you arrive at SIGGRAPH 99, you must present your ID card (not a copy) in order to pick up your credentials.
part 2
Registration Category
Please refer to Registration Categories & Fees for programs, activities, and conference documentation included with each registration category. Check only one registration category.
part 3
All SIGGRAPH 99 merchandise except shipped full sets of printed course notes must be picked up at the Los Angeles Convention Center during the conference. No refunds will be given for merchandise that is not claimed at the conference nor will unclaimed merchandise be shipped out after the conference.
part 4
Electronic Theater Ticket
One Electronic Theater ticket is already included with Full Conference and Conference Select registrations. Registrants in any category can purchase one additional ticket. Please rank your preference, as tickets are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. No refunds. If you do not receive your first ticket choice, a limited number of tickets will be available for exchange at SIGGRAPH 99 at the Electronic Theater Ticket Exchange Counter.
part 5
Credential Mailing
Exhibits Plus and Conference Select Registrants
Your badge will be mailed first class (at no additional charge) prior to the conference provided your registration meets the following criteria:
* Your registration and payment must be postmarked by Friday, 2 July.
* Your mailing address must be in the United States. (A note to our international guests: Due to inconsistent postal service world-wide, we do not mail international badges unless the credential mailing option is purchased. Please refer to instructions for Full Conference registrants below.)
If the above criteria are met, your badge will be mailed first class the week of 26 July.
Full Conference Registrants
Due to the high value of your registration credentials, your badge will not be automatically mailed to you. If you would like to receive your badge in advance of the conference via express carrier, the following instructions apply:
* Select and include payment for the appropriate credential mailing option on the registration form.
* Your registration and payment must be postmarked by Friday, 2 July.
* Student and member status must be fully verified with ALL documentation by Friday, 2 July.
* You must provide us with a street address as express carriers do not deliver to P.O. boxes.
If the above instructions are followed, your badge will be mailed two-day service the week of 26 July.
Credential Mailing Policies
* All prices are per person.
* SIGGRAPH is not responsible for lost credentials for which we have a carrier receipt.
* Should your credentials be lost prior to arriving at the conference or should you forget to bring them, you will need to re-pay your registration fee and you will NOT receive a refund.
part 6
Payment Information
Verify that subtotals add up correctly, and enclose payment.
* Checks and money orders ($US only) should be made payable to SIGGRAPH 99.
* Credit card information must be completed with signature.
* Purchase orders are NOT accepted as payment.
* Forms will NOT be processed without accompanying payment in full.
A Note About Faxing
If you download the registration form and fax it, we strongly recommend faxing it well in advance of the Friday, 2 July deadline. Fax volume increases as the deadline approaches, and SIGGRAPH 99 is NOT responsible for faxes not received due to busy telephone lines. Keep a copy of your fax transmission report to verify that your fax was received by SIGGRAPH 99 in the event of a problem.
Do not send more than one registration form or it may result in duplicate billing.
Proceed to the SIGGRAPH 99 Online Registration Form.
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