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SIGGRAPH 99 Announces Web3D RoundUP
For immediate release
7 July 1999
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Ann Kilhoffer-Reichert
At SIGGRAPH 99, top Web3D tools and content developers will demonstrate the latest technologies and applications in an exciting shootout format at the Web3D RoundUP.
"During the 90 minute Web3D RoundUP, over 30 participants will have one to four minutes to demonstrate their tools and applications," said Timothy Childs, Web3D RoundUP co-organizer. "Attendees at the event will be armed with noisemakers, for approval and disapproval, plus the entire front row is equipped with toy launchers, ready for demos that run overtime. This interactive format is perfect for the interactive content that will be demonstrated."
"SIGGRAPH 99 has pulled out all the stops. In addition to scheduling the RoundUP in one of the largest session rooms, a special 20-seat 'rolling stage' has been constructed to let presenters rehearse behind-the-scenes for two days," said Don Brutzman, Web3D RoundUP co-organizer . "The demos get bigger, better, faster, and cooler every time. This is the year that 3D graphics really starts to hit computer screens everywhere. Expect another watershed SIGGRAPH event."
At past events, content developers and tools vendors have premiered award-winning content, announced new business deals, and unveiled revolutionary products. This year will be no exception. Additionally, the 3rd Annual "Best of" Awards will be judged by the audience members and announced the following day.
There will be a pre-RoundUP press briefing on the day of the show, Wednesday 11 August 1999, from 1 to 2 pm. Sneak previews of the top demos (entertainment, educational, business, and technology) will be presented. The Web3D Consortium will also unveil working demos of the upcoming X3D standard. One-on-one press interviews and demos with Web3D Roundup winners may be requested via Timothy Childs at and Don Brutzman at Pre-registration is requested.
Expected attendance for the Web3D RoundUP is 2,500. This Special Session will be held Wednesday, 11 August 1999 from 8 - 9:30 pm at SIGGRAPH 99 in the Los Angeles Convention Center.
SIGGRAPH 99, the 26th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Technology is 8 - 13 August 1999, and includes a comprehensive exhibition 10 - 12 August 1999. Held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California, expected attendance is nearly 50,000.
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