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8-13 August 1999
10-12 August 1999
Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles, California USA
SIGGRAPH 99 Conference Chair
Warren N. Waggenspack, Jr.
Louisiana State University
Anticipated Total Attendance: 50,000
Anticipated International Attendance: 6,500 from 75 countries
Anticipated Exhibitors: 325 companies in 160,000 net square feet
SIGGRAPH 99 is online at
SIGGRAPH 99 Programs and Activities:
Art Gallery: technOasis
From its central gallery location, SIGGRAPH 99's aesthetic oasis extends to installations throughout the LA Convention Center. Experience turn-of-the-century digital art in all its variety: visual, interactive, animated, sculptural, installed, virtual, Web-based, telecommunicated, and participatory.
NEW! Tours of the gallery by educated docents who offer insight into the processes and aesthetics of each work of art.
Computer Animation Festival
Stories and non-narrative works that reflect on the past and illuminate the future, in imagery and animations, film and video, live and interactive performances. The year's outstanding achievements in digital experience appear in the evening and matinee shows of the Electronic Theater and screening rooms.
NEW! Special events and recognition add to the excitement.
SIGGRAPH's annual professional development offerings for everyone in computer graphics and interactive techniques, from first-job novices to 25-year veterans. Develop your skills and enhance your career in three days of courses offered in three formats: full-day courses, half-day courses, and two-hour tutorials.
Creative Applications Lab: The Digital Cafe
Hands-on, up-close interaction with the people and techniques presented in Papers, Panels, Courses, and Sketches & Applications. Apply your new knowledge and skills, share insights and interests with other attendees, and talk with speakers and presenters in informal breakout sessions.
Electronic Schoolhouse: Educators Program | sigKIDS | Community Outreach
For the first time, SIGGRAPH 99 combines three traditional conference programs in the Electronic Schoolhouse. Schoolhouse areas include the Classroom for traditional presentation of papers and panels, the Workshop for hands-on activities, the Playground for stand-alone exhibits, and the Library for all kinds of interaction, networking, and curriculum information. The Electronic Schoolhouse reflects everyday life, where we are all students and teachers, exchanging, learning, sharing, and inspiring. Students teach what they know, seniors discover new worlds and imagine new visions, and professionals enlighten generations.
Emerging Technologies: The Millennium Motel
The Millennium Motel is located between aesthetics and logic, where infrastructures of technology converge with the networks of desire. Check in and check out 1999's multi-modal interface design, intelligent autonomous agents, scientific visualization, conceptual electronic performance, wearable computers, and alternate realities.
The world's epicenter of computer graphics and interactive technologies: hundreds of companies offering thousands of products and services for the new century. See, explore, and interact with essential tools and techniques produced by today's worldwide trendsetters and tomorrow's upstart innovators.
Keynote Address/Awards
SIGGRAPH 99's keynote speaker, Helaman Ferguson, reports on his "neolithic" adventures: communicating the beauty and power of art and science by carving theorems in stone and bronze with computer graphics and interactive techniques. Immediately before the keynote address, SIGGRAPH presents the 1999 Computer Graphics Achievement Award and the Steven Anson Coons Award for Outstanding Creative Contributions to Computer Graphics.
Wide-ranging, free-flowing exploration of the art, science, and business of computer graphics and interactive techniques. Panelists argue, debate, and sometimes even agree on trends, technologies, claims, and controversies. The audience adds comments and questions. The result: surprising perspectives and important insights.
The year's most significant, most provocative research and development results, selected by a rigorous international jury of scholars and scientists, and presented by the authors in three categories: research, systems, and applications.
New for SIGGRAPH 99: visionary papers and impact papers, including extended panel discussions/course sessions on how their implications will shape the future.
Pathways to the Future
ACM SIGGRAPH celebrates the organization's 30th year with an exhibit featuring its year-round activities throughout the world: educational and public policy initiatives, special projects, publications, small conferences and workshops on focused topics, professional chapters, and international relationships. See tomorrow's aesthetic breakthroughs in Art in the Future. Enter the Fortunes of the Future contest.
Sketches & Applications
Sketches: works in progress, tentative breakthroughs, and preliminary drafts. Applications: how new and traditional tools are used to produce practical, proven results. Three days of multimedia presentations in three categories: technical; art, design, and multimedia; and animation.
Special Sessions
* The Story Behind the Digital Imagery of Star Wars: Episode 1 "The Phantom Menace"
* Web 3D Round-Up: Tomorrow's Visions of Web-Based Virtual Reality
* Fiction 2000: Technology, Tradition, and the Essence of Story
The Studio
The former Guerilla Gallery teams technologists with artists to imagine, create, and collaborate in a hands-on state-of-the-art computer graphics studio. Artists, scientists, and engineers use the latest technologies in high-end printers and 3D desktop modelers to create and realize 2D and 3D output.
The Story of Computer Graphics
Celebrating the organization's 30th year, SIGGRAPH premieres its new feature length documentary which captures some of the most compelling stories behind the striking graphics and technology which have become routine in today's imagery. The Story of Computer Graphics chronicles the history of the industry, its impact on society, and the excitement of future possibilities.
For information about registration, contact:
SIGGRAPH 99 Conference Management
Smith, Bucklin & Associates, Inc.
401 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611 USA
+1.312.321.6876 fax
To purchase exhibition space, contact:
SIGGRAPH 99 Exhibition Management
Hall-Erickson, Inc.
98 East Naperville Road
Westmont, Illinois 60559 USA
+1.630.434.1216 fax
For information about media, contact:
SIGGRAPH 99 Media Relations
Sheila Hoffmeyer/Ann Kilhoffer
Smith, Bucklin & Associates, Inc.
401 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611 USA
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