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If you have comments or questions about SIGGRAPH 99, please contact:
Conference Chair
Warren Waggenspack
Louisiana State University
SIGGRAPH Conference
Chief Staff Executive

Dino Schweitzer
Capstone Management Group, Inc.
Art Gallery: technOasis
Marla Schweppe
Rochester Institute of Technology
Computer Animation Festival
Brian Blau
Intervista Software
Conference Management
Smith, Bucklin & Associates
Barb Helfer
The Ohio State University
Creative Applications Lab: The Digital Cafe
Gudrun Enger
Silicon Graphics, Inc.
Electronic Schoolhouse
Jodi Giroux
The Allen-Stevenson School
Anne Richardson
OC Inc.
Jill Smolin
Cinesite Digital Studios
Emerging Technologies: The Millennium Motel
Kathryn Saunders
Royal Ontario Museum
Hall-Erickson, Inc.
David Spoelstra
USA Group, Inc.
International Services
Linda Hersom, James Scidmore
Scidmore Hersom & Others Inc.
Jeff Jortner
Sandia National Laboratories
Alyn Rockwood
Power TakeOff Inc.
Sketches & Applications
Richard Kidd
Cinesite Digital Studios
Student Volunteers
Ron Roff
California Microwave, Inc.
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