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Community and Communications
Chair: Madge Gleeson , Western Washington University
Setup of the Konsum Art.Server
In the Superfem SuperUser Browser #KonsumLinuX3D.wrl#, a X3D browser concept for the dark side of the net, digital self representation by VRML Datavatar net actions and protocol-inherent datavatars express SUperfeminisme for SUperFEMperformances.
Margarete Jahrmann
Vorgartenstrasse 199/1/13
Vienna A-1020 AUSTRIA
A 3D Natural Emulation Design Approach to Virtual Communities
The design goal for OnLive's Internet-based virtual community system was to help participants sense a tele-presence. This collective sense of "being-there" does not happen over the phone or with teleconferencing; it is a new and emerging phenomenon, unique to 3D virtual communities.
Steve DiPaola
2815 Newlands Avenue
Belmont, California 94002 USA
Visiphone is a communication object that opens a graphical as well as an audio portal through space. This experimental medium explores the social and aesthetic aspects of visualizations of sound and provides a continuous, ubiquitous connection between people in different places.
Karrie Karahalios
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
20 Ames Street, E15-430
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 USA

Phene- is a multimedia interactive installation that portrays a laboratory "gone amuck." The focal point is an enormous petri dish filled with fungus and illuminated by an animation. Visitors interact with the chimerical specimen via feeding, watering, magnifying, dissecting, etc.
Tiffany Holmes
University of Michigan
2055 Commerce Boulevard, #221
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103 USA

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