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New Directions in Visual and Audio Expression
Chairs: Jacquelyn Martino, Philips Research USA and Maureen Nappi , New York University
Computational Expressionism: A Model of Drawing with Computation
Computational expressionism is a model for drawing that combines higher-level conceptual design with real-time gestural input. It is a two-fold process, at two distinct levels of interaction with the computer. The artist programs the appearance and behavior of computational lines and then draws with these by dragging a mouse or controlling another input device. The result: a different perspective on visual thinking, one that involves more active participation in the higher-level design of drawing tools.
Joanna Maria Berzowska
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
20 Ames Street, E15-443
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 USA
A decentralized community of identical "orbs," each of which can display a spectrum of colored light, respond to touch, and wirelessly communicate with its neighbors. When a user activates the spread of color within Nami by touching a single orb, the selected orb responds with expression of a new color. The new state is broadcast to neighboring orbs, prompting them to assume the color and forward the message. In this way, waves of colored light move throughout the distributed network and create visible patterns of behavior.
Kelly Heaton
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
20 Ames Street E15-410
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 USA
Passion Spaces Based on the Synesthesia Phenomenon
The results of image creation from "tanka" (a 31-syllable Japanese poem) using an algorithm based on the synesthesia phenomenon.
Tsutomu Miyasato
ATR Media Integration & Communications Research Labs
Seika-cho Soraku-gun
Kyoto 619-0288 JAPAN

Virtual Music Reproduction
An application for interactive music experience. In contrast to the conventional way of consuming music, the user is able to change the location of sound sources and navigate through a virtual environment.
Hartmut Chodura
Rundeturmstrasse 6
Darmstadt 64283 GERMANY

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