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Simulation for Animation
Chair: Marcus Mitchell , Digital Domain
Asynchronous, Adaptive Rigid Body Simulation
A new algorithm for rigid body simulation that is both asynchronous (different objects are updated at different times) and adaptive (each object selects its optimal update frequency).
Stephen Chenney
University of California at Berkeley
EECS, Computer Science Division
387 Soda Hall, No 1776
Berkeley, California 94720 USA
Real-Time and Physically Realistic Simulation of Global Deformation
Application of graded nonlinear FEM to simulate global deformation of 3D flexible objects in real time and a simple, efficient collision-time-integration scheme.
Yan Zhuang
University of California, Berkeley
Computer Science Department
417 Soda Hall
Berkeley, California 94720 USA
Methods for Preventing Cloth Self-Intersection
Cloth-cloth interactions are highly complex. Colliding patches of cloth push on and slide against each other. This alternative approach to modeling cloth prevents self-intersections and reacts in a realistic manner as the cloth collides with itself. It does not sacrifice the visual integrity of the simulation and yields realistic self-collisions in cloth.
John McDonald
DePaul University
School of CTI
243 South Wabash Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60604 USA
Multifluid Finite-Volume Navier-Stokes Solutions for Realistic Fluid Animation
A multifluid, incompressible, variable-density, finite volume solution of the Navier-Stokes equations for generation of realistic fluid animation is presented. A high-resolution tracking algorithm is used to capture the complex topology of interfaces, and results are rendered using blobs.
John Turner
Blue Sky Studios
One South Road
Harrison, New York 10528 USA

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