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Extracting and Editing Motion
Chair: Curtis Edwards , Disney Feature Animation

Real-Time Translation of Human Motion from Video to Animation
A robust top-down approach to translating human motion in video images to computer animation. Motion generators animate a virtual human from video-image information.
Tsukasa Noma
Kyushu Institute of Technology
Department of Artificial Intelligence
680-4, Kawazu
Iizuka, Fukuoka 820-8502 JAPAN
Automatic Recognition and Mapping of Constraints for Motion Retargeting
A new technique to automatically recognize, extract, and map spatial and visual constraints from a virtual humanŐs interactions with other objects anthropometrically scaled agents.
Rama Bindiganavale
University of Pennsylvania
200 South 33rd Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104 USA
3D Gait Reconstruction Using Two-Camera Markerless Video
Gait analysis is a valuable tool for studying walking disorders. This research focuses on simulation and visualization of gait motion using anatomical features from markerless video for follow-up analysis.
Suba Varadarajan
The Ohio State University
2201 Sutter Parkway
Dublin, Ohio 43016 USA
Tracking and Modifying Human Motion Data Using Dynamic Simulation
Using dynamic simulation to track and modify human-motion data. Modifications include adjustments for new characters and new situations as well as re-ordering and transitioning between motion segments.
Victor Zordan
Georgia Institute of Technology
College of Computing
801 Atlantic Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia 30332 USA

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