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Image-Based Rendering
Chair: Marie-Paule Cani , Imagis GRAVIR/IMAG
3D Imaging System for Rapid Response on Remote Sites
A compact 3D laser imaging system for cultural-heritage applications that require rapid response on remote sites affected by natural disasters. Though portability is important, accuracy is preserved in order to obtain high-quality, realistic 3D reconstruction.
J-Angelo Beraldin
National Research Council Canada
1500 Montreal Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1A-0R6

Rendering 3D Objects into Photographs Taken by Uncalibrated Perspective Cameras
This technique for inserting objects into real images taken by uncalibrated cameras is based on new camera-pose estimation algorithms that use projective reconstruction.
Qian Chen
University of Southern California
855 West El Repetto Drive, #56D
Monterey Park, California 91754 USA
Shading and Shadow Casting in Image-Based Rendering Without Geometric Models
A real-time rendering method that changes the shading of image-based objects and casts appropriate shadows according to the motion of viewpoint or objects and transitions in local lighting.
Akihiro Katayama
Mixed Reality Systems Laboratory Inc.
6-145 Hanasaki-cho
Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-0022 JAPAN
Image-Based Modeling, Rendering and Lighting in "Fiat Lux"
How image-based modeling, rendering, and lighting were used to create the animation "Fiat Lux" (SIGGRAPH 99 Electronic Theater). The geometry, appearance, and illumination of the environments were acquired through digital photography and augmented with synthetic objects to create the animation.
See also Wednesday's Sketch, The Making of "Fiat Lux".
Paul Debevec
University of California, Berkeley
387 Soda Hall #1776
Berkeley, California 94720-1776 USA

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