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Hard Core Modeling
Chair: Michael Gleischer, University of Wisconsin
Shape Extraction for a Polygon Mesh
A new technique (and its preliminary experimental results) to derive geometric shape: hierarchical arrangement of polygons.
Tiow Seng Tan
National University of Singapore
School of Computing
Lower Kent Ridge Road
Free-Form Curve Generation By Recursive Subdivision of Polygonal Strip Complexes
A new method for designing free-form curves by recursive subdivision of polygonal complexes and some of its applications in computer-aided geometric design and computer graphics such as physically based animation, shape control, interpolation of meshes or curves, and trimming of surfaces.
Ahmad Nasri
American University of Beirut
Department of Math and Computer Science
PO Box 11-236
Interactive CSG
A novel space subdivision allows interactive construction of CSG through direct manipulation of the component objects. Algebraic surfaces are polygonized for hardware display, preserving cut edges and surface shading.
Chris Butcher
Department of Computer Science
University of Otago
PO Box 56
A Level-Set Approach for the Metamorphosis of Solid Models
An active deformable surface, represented as a level set (iso-surface) of a discretely sampled scalar function of three dimensions, that smoothly changes (morphs) one solid model into another.
David Breen
Caltech Computer Graphics Lab
MS 348-74
Pasadena, California 91125 USA

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