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Motion Hacks
Chair: Andrew Glassner, Microsoft Corporation
Capturing the Motions of Actors in Movies
An image-based method for capturing the motion of actors from movies.
Masanobu Yamamoto
Niigata University
Department of Information Engineering
Ikarashi 2-nocho 8050
Niigata 950-2181 JAPAN
Speedlines -- Depicting Motion in Motionless Pictures
Adapting traditional illustrative techniques from comics to develop an alternative method of depicting movement of objects in computer- generated images using speedlines, arrows, and contour repetitions.
Mike Masuch
Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg
Department of Simulation and Graphics (ISG)
Uniplatz 2
Magdeburg D-39106 GERMANY
Dynamic Texture: Physically Based 2D Animation
Coupling physically based techniques and image morphing techniques has the potential to yield new directions in computer animation. This sketch demonstrated examples of this coupling approach: successful syntheses of the stochastic motion of plants under the influence of wind, in which 2D textures are realistically animated based on dynamic simulation.
Mikio Shinya
NTT Cyber Space Labs
1-1 Hikari-no-oka
Kanagawa-ken 239-0847 JAPAN

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